Do I Have To Date Again?

After a two-year relationship, she contemplates returning to "The Man Show" and navigating the online dating scene. 

by Susan Wehner • Member { View Profile }
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I can't do it! Can I? I am single once again (sounds of long, drawn-out sighs). I've just gotten out of a two-year relationship, and I gotta tell ya — I don't think I can face the dating game again. I had to go through so many to find the one I had. It's like fishing for the elusive, much spoken of, prize fish at the best watering hole. You've heard stories about him, there have been sightings, but no one has actually caught him yet.

I tried standard dating. You know, "met him at the bar, jogging, church” etc. and finally gave in to online dating. At first it was fun! Like going to the Man Store. All the different shapes and sizes! All the fun personalities! But, after a while it became like trying on clothes. Sometimes you find that perfect pair of jeans, but most of the time, they need some altering. I don't think I can stand another Toothless Terry or Dirk The Jerk and please don't even ask me about Heaven Kevin!

By the time I met Mr. Right (at least for the last two years), I was ready to give up. I'd had enough blind dates to wish I was blind! (For example, "Big Man," who's profile said he was 5'8,” but only if he grew a mohawk and wore platform shoes. At least then he'd be interesting.) And to be fair, I'm sure somewhere someone is including me in his list of OMGs! I'd like to think it's the good OMG list, but I've had my moments. 

So, here I am again. To be honest (Why do people always say that? Like we aren't always honest?), I'm not through the "I still miss the one I had " stage. It's just such a bummer to not have that standing weekend date. And, I am trivializing what we did have. For a while there, we were actually going to get married. But, that's another story for another time. Maybe after I've had a glass of wine or three. 

I'm not ready to take the plunge just yet. Right now I'm not even at the edge. I'm just sort of admiring the water from afar and wondering what the temperature is. When dating feels less like I'm being punished for doing something bad, then I'll dip my toes in. And I'll put it all here. To be continued.

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