Organizing Your Closet Clutter

If your to-do list pretty much always begins with “organize the closet,” it's time to get it together. The good news is, with just a few affordable items, it’s easy to neaten up your clothes, shoes and other accessories. Here are 20 tools to get you started. Now, getting the house painted? You’re on your own crossing that one off your list.

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Divide Your Drawers

Spending your precious morning time searching through drawers stuffed with socks, underwear, bras, Spanx and more? Give yourself a little breathing room by keeping things organized with these simple linen drawer organizers.

Container Store linen drawer organizers, $14.99 to $19.99,

Container Store

Take Cover

Ready to put those summer dresses and suits in storage to make way for your fall wardrobe bounty? Keep them organized and clean dust-free with zippered clothing covers.

Ikea Skubb set of three clothes cover, $9.99, Ikea stores


Let it All Hang Out

Quit tossing your coats and jackets on the couch or dining room table and invest in a cool coat rack. This colorful number, designed by Charles and Ray Eames and produced by Herman Miller, doubles as a piece of art. Don’t you just love a two-fer?

Eames Hang-It-All, $199,

Design Within Reach

Shoe Solution

So many shoes, such little room to store them! It’s a universal lament. Even if your closet space is scarce, you can still keep your shoes organized and easy to find with stackable shoe boxes. These come with Velcro strips to keep your boxes in place and feature windows so you can actually see your favorite styles.

Rubbermaid dual access shoe box, $13.99,


Handbag Help

All those purses are most certainly necessary, but where to put them? This handy handbag organizer gets them off the floor or out of drawers and into cubbies where you can easily admire your chic collection.

Park-A-Purse organizer, $35,

Ring a Ding Ding

Lose track of your rings? Yep, we do, too. But not for long -- this handy holder not only looks lovely on your dresser or bathroom counter, but it holds your precious jewelry, too. No more Gollum-like moments of panic. Phew.

Cactus Ring Holder, $16,

Urban Outfitters


Keep the shoe monster from eating your favorite pumps, flats and sneakers by storing them neatly under your bed. Trust us, you’ll rest easier.

Clearly Visible under bed shoe chest, $34,

Up By Your Boot Straps

Storing tall boots can be tricky. They fall over when placed on the floor, but they don’t typically fit in shoe boxes or bins, either. The solution? The Boot Rack. With clips that won’t damage your leave marks on your boots, these hangers keep your footwear in place while saving space. Which means one thing: Room for more boots!

The Boot Hanger, $35,

Freshen Things Up

Keep your closet – and its contents – smelling fresh with this muslin fabric charcoal sachet that absorbs odor and moisture. It fits right over a standard closet rod and is cleverly weighted to keep it from slipping off.

Container Store cedar sachet, $3.99,

Container Store

Box it Up

Closet shelves a big ol’ jumbled mess? Tidy up with these cute round boxes. Made of recycled carboard, they’ll keep everything from socks to scarves, jewelry to belts, hats to mittens in their neatly stacked place.

Ikea Kvarnvik set of three boxes, $17, Ikea stores


Drop Some Acid- Free Paper

When you’re swapping out your clothes for the season, it’s important to protect the items you’re putting in storage. Acid-free tissue paper does the trick.

Kreinik acid-free tissue paper, $10.49 for 12 20''x30'' sheets,

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Hang 10 – Or 28

Need a slick way to organize your belts, scarves and other accessories? This hanger can hold 28 items and only takes up as much space as a regular hanger. Plus, at this price, you might as well get two and plan a shopping trip, stat.


Ikea Komplement multi-use hanger, $7.99, Ikea stores


Top Shelf

Even when you have the shelf space, it doesn’t mean your clothes will stay neatly stacked. Help keep things in line with these shelf dividers that stop sweaters, shirts, pants, whatever, from falling over – or off – your shelves.

Slide 'n' Stax clothing organizers, $15 for a set of 2,

Stack 'Em Up

Sweater weather is here, but rather than cramming your cardigans, turtlenecks and pullovers onto that hard-to-reach top shelf, stack them nicely in a vertical sweater bag. It’s space-saving, allows you to actually see your clothes and keeps them from getting all wrinkled.

Container Store six-compartment bamboo sweater bag, $24.99,

Container Store

Take a Belt

Some people have shoe wardrobes, some have handbag wardrobes and some have jewelry wardrobes. For those with belt wardrobes, you’ll love this heart-shaped organizer with four hoops to hold your waist-accessorizers right on your closet rod. What a cinch!

Heart belt organizer, $5.99,

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Suck it In

When you’re short on closet space (and, really, who isn’t?), it’s important to store out-of-season clothes. When you’re short on storage space (yep, that’s us, too), it’s important to make the most of what you’ve got. Enter these vacuum pack, waterproof, reusable bags. They’ll protect clothes and take up just a little room. You know, so you can buy more stuff.

Crate & Barrel vaccum pack combo, set of three, $20,

Crate & Barrel

Bye-Bye Birdie

If you’re looking for a chic, simple way to keep stuff like jewelry, scarves and other accessories from becoming a giant, heaping mess on the closet floor, pick up these bird-motif over-the-door hooks. You might just find yourself chirping with glee.

Birdseye over-the-door hooks, $21.25,


Basket Case

Why clutter up your closet when you can store things neatly right under your very own bed? These pretty hand-woven baskets are made of sustainable seagrass and will hold your sweaters, shoes, hats, hosiery –- whatever! --  handsomely.

Pottery Barn Savannah underbed baskets, $24-$44,

Pottery Barn

Give Us Dirty Laundry

Dirty clothes need to go somewhere – preferably in a contained space and not all over your bathroom and bedroom floors. This bright and cheery red hamper gives you a nice, big hole to aim for – making dreaded laundry days a little breezier.

Crate & Barrel Portable laundry hamper, $39.95,

Crate & Barrel

Purses in Place

Over-the-door shoe racks are great, but when you’re a handbag addict, you need closet space to handle all those purses. These adjustable racks with hooks can hold all sizes of bags – along with hats, scarves and belts, too – and clip easily to a door.

Over-the-door purse racks, set of two, $9.99,


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