Working Women Should Pass on Pantsuits, Study Finds

Skirts give off a better impression, according to new research out of the U.K.

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

So what they’re saying is, had Hillary Clinton worn skirts instead of pantsuits, she might be president today?

The fashion choice might actually have helped, according to new research from the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K.
Today reports the study asked 300 men and women to give their first impressions of women dressed in skirts and pantsuits of the same color and fabric and with blurred faces.

Those wearing skirts were highly preferred, according to the news show.

“Women generally have a wider choice of dress style for work than men, but still have to maintain an identity that balances professionalism with attractiveness, and the skirt suit may achieve that balance without appearing provocative,” professor and study co-leader Karen Pine writes, according to Today. “First impressions are formed rapidly and are often highly accurate.”

So if pantsuits are out and skirts are in, does this mean we have to start shaving our legs every day? Fine. But we’re not wearing pantyhose.

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First Published September 21, 2011

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