Peggy Fleming's Life Has Not Been As Smooth As Ice

Not only was Peggy Fleming a champion on ice from 1964 to 1968, but she waged a very personal war against breast cancer more than a decade ago and won that battle as well. An edited version of our interview with the Olympic gold medalist follows.

By Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
peggy fleming image
Aside from skating, Peggy Fleming loves a good slice of bread and butter.
Photograph: Courtesy of Robitussin

More: Aside from being an Olympic champion, a wife and a mother, you are also a grandmother? 
PF: Yes. I have three grandsons and I am so proud of them. I even take them skating.

More: How do they compare to grandma on the ice?
PF: They are fine. They also like to snowboard, skateboard and go dirt-bike racing. My six-year-old grandson rides a dirt bike. I think I may have to try it.
More: So, give us the truth. How does it feel to get older?

PF: I can’t lie about my age because people can look up my birthday online. It is what it is. I am happy to be still here, active and enjoying life. It is an adventure and I am not done yet.

More: What’s on your to-do list?
PF: I would like to go back to playing the violin. I have also been painting the past seven years. I really love doing that. It is such a wonderful field of expression, and it takes you away and gives you the chance forget everything in your life for a little while.

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First Published February 7, 2012

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