Personal Finance Sites We Love: Saving, Spending, Budgeting, Investing

We scoured the Internet to find top-rated, user-friendly sites that make managing your money a breeze.

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Stand-out site for: budgeting

Mint pulls all your financial accounts together so you can view transactions in one place and track your spending by category or merchant. Mint also notifies you when you are over budget, compares this month’s spending to past month’s and reminds you when a bill is due for payment. There’s also a free app for smartphones.

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Stand-out site for: lowering your phone bill

Is your phone plan or cable package the right match for you? Upload a recent bill to BillShrink to find out if you could be saving money with a lower-cost plan. Input information on your current credit card usage, and the site will hunt for a better rate.

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Stand-out site for: managing your bill payments

This site lets you view all your bills in one place including: household bills like phone and cable; subscription renewals; air travel rewards programs; and mortgages and credit cards. Statements are sent to Manilla, which sends you free reminders so you avoid late fees, then just click to pay the bill. Download the free app for on-the-go access to your accounts.

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Stand-out site for: strategic spending

Viewpoints has over 600,000 consumer reviews of electronics, home goods, health and fitness products, beauty tools and more. Connect via Facebook to see reviews written by friends or to share your own feedback on a purchase. Products are scored from high to low.

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Stand-out site for: financial planning

Estimate your current finances: what you make, what you spend and what you owe to get a detailed spending plan from Sophie, your virtual financial advisor. Sophie will issue a “goal point average” based on the likelihood of achieving your financial goals and will give you advice on saving, debt repayment, insurance and investing. Bonus: GoSimplifi is registered with the SEC—meaning it must comply with SEC rules and is subject to oversight.

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Stand-out site for: bidding on professional services

Similar to eBay, MiNeeds allows you to post a listing and receive bids. The major difference: Rather than bidding on products, this site is reserved for people either selling or searching for a professional service. A local listing may read, “I need a contractor for a kitchen remodel for a June 1 start date. My budget is $15,000.” Consumers can view professional profiles and compare bids before settling on an offer.

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Stand-out site for: collecting secure payments

Whether you’re raising money for a non-profit, selling an item from your own site or requesting a payment from someone who owes you money—this site makes collecting cash easy. WePay charges 3.5% transaction fees on payments made with credit cards and 50 cents for payments made with bank accounts. If collecting donations, the fee is paid for by the collector; if selling an item or accepting payment for an invoice the fee can be passed to the consumer.

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Stand-out site for: tracking your credit

Make sure your credit is in good shape with this site that offers free online credit reports once a year. Don’t worry about identity theft when you enter your social security number—this site encrypts all personal information until securely received by the credit reporting companies.

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Stand-out site for: calculating retirement savings

This site asks the tough questions—how much you earn, what you spend and how your financial obligations will change over time. Take 30 minutes to answer a detailed questionnaire, then receive an in-depth review of how much you should spend, save and buy in insurance to get through retirement debt free.

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Stand-out site for: collecting travel savings

Love to travel? Collect and save cash for your dream destination on this site, which lets friends and family contribute to your travel fund. Set your travel details or view someone else’s vacation plans to add to their savings. Once a financial goal is met, MyTab will list Expedia deals that match the desired destination and total funds – then you just have to click to book your next trip.

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Stand-out site for: making an affordable move

Customize your housing search to meet your financial needs. Enter the area you’re hoping to move to, whether for a new job or for a retirement destination, and compare housing costs and appreciation rates in that area. Select ‘great deals on great towns’ for additional suggestions from NeighborhoodScout.

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Stand-out site for: sharing investment strategies

This site acts as a social network for stock market investors. Share ideas and compare each member’s investment performance. Individual rankings are assigned based on return and accuracy of portfolio picks (an active pick is accurate if the gain is above 0%; a historical pick is accurate if the gain is above 5%).  Points can also be collected from other users who grade your performance, which can improve your Social Picks rank. The community includes pros like Warren Buffet and well-known financial bloggers—use their suggestions to inform your own investments.

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Stand-out site for: comparison shopping medical procedures

Use PriceDoc to compare pricing on medical, dental and cosmetic procedures before paying for the service. Locate and review providers in your area and find the best offer by shopping around on the site. The ‘make offer’ and ‘name your price’ tabs allow patients to negotiate pricing if they are paying directly for services that are not covered by insurance.

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Stand-out site for: investment research

This site is packed with information for investors. Get real-time updates on market indexes and industry reports or view stock quotes and performance charts for no cost. Pay for premium membership ($189 per year) to get full access to portfolio management tools so you can track your returns and losses and receive in-depth reports from analysts. With either level of membership you can interact with members on MorningStar forums.

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Stand-out site for: finding brand name discounts 

This site offers the largest collection of coupons on the web. Select a deal by hitting ‘clip,’ then print coupons or get a savings card you can swipe at the store. Enter your zipcode for product deals specific to your region or search by category or brand name.

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Stand-out site for: making smart donations

Before donating to a cause, make sure your money is going to a credible organization. Search by topic to find a charity that works for the cause you support or look for the highest-rated charities. CharityNavigator lets you compare up to 5 organizations at a time based on mission, expenses, financial score and transparency. Write your own reviews to help inform other donors.  

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Stand-out site for: booking cheap flights

Input your travel dates and Kayak will do the rest of the work by comparing all airline carriers that fly to your destination. Search from low to high fare and personalize results based on number of stops, airports or airlines.

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Stand-out site for: assessing your portfolio risk

Enter your various portfolio shares and this site will analyze your expected returns and losses based on historical data and company performance. The site makes suggestions for stocks with high expected returns. Try adding shares to simulate the effect on your portfolio. The goal is to encourage investors to diversify their portfolio, producing more return at lower risk.


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