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Snoutstick Nose Balm for Dogs

Formulated to alleviate dry, cracked noses (particularly a problem for bulldogs, pugs and terriers), this balm contains shea butter, sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil.


Intrigued, we asked MORE staffers to give Snoutstick a try on their pups at home. Click on to see their results...



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Snoutstik Testing: Cosette the Pug

Editorial assistant Jamie Miles's pug Cosette thought the nosebalm was good enough to eat.

Jamie Miles

Snoutstik Testing: Duncan the Portuguese Water Dog

Fashion market director Tara Dolan found Duncan was bored by the testing.

Tara Dolan

Snoutstik Testing: Gup the Pug

Accessories editor Becky MacCurtain says her pug Gup was wary of the nose balm.

Becky MacCurtain

Snoutstik Testing: Rosie the Beagle-Mix

Associate beauty editor Nikki Ostasiewski let beagle-mix Rosie try Snoutstik—which she promptly licked right off.



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Nikki Ostasiewski

First Published November 9, 2011

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