Do Smartphones Mean Death of the Conversation?

Newspaper’s “social experiment” finds friends choose phones over talking face to face

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

You’ve certainly watched this scene—and most likely you’ve lived it as well: A group of friends is out to dinner, but rather than engage in conversation with one another, they are all busy texting, surfing or doing whatever it is they do on their phones.

Australia’s Sunday Mail finds in a “social experiment” conducted in Queensland that all that smartphone communication is killing actual in-the-flesh conversations, leading the newspaper to suggest people are, in a sense, losing their voices.

But the art of conversation may just need a tweak in definition rather than a declaration that it’s dead, David Chalke, a social commentator, tells the Sunday Mail.

“Those people on their phones are probably communicating with someone,” he tells the newspaper. “We have never been more involved in conversation. It is just a very different type of conversation.”

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