Would you take a pill that promised to reverse wrinkles?

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Scientists in the U.K. developed a capsule they say can reverse wrinkles when taken three times a day. Would you take it?

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First Published January 30, 2012

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Elaine Maguire06.19.2014

I would take this pill under one condition: it would have to promise other things, like freedom from guilt, eternal wisdom, increased longevity, flat abs forever, that I could move my living room furniture without inviting a guy over, it would boost my metabolic rate allowing me to eat multiple hot fudge sundaes in one sitting without ever gaining an ounce, it would have to make me a speed-reader so that I could read all of the latest bestsellers and even read those Victorian novels I (regrettably) dodged in high school, it would bring success to my children in college, it would magically produce the perfect man who loved everything about me, exactly the way I am; it would even make me love myself. But then again, if it did that, why would I need this pill?

Lilian White 05.30.2014

What defines me is I've always been serious about my career in writing that was recently recognized by Worldwide Branding.
Qualities such as honesty and a caring nature that I had when I was younger have remained with me all my life.
Style in my clothes and my hairstyles also were a part of my upbringing.
Style in so many ways defines a woman! I hope you agree. Lilian White.

connie Pierson02.27.2014

Absolutely I would take this pill!! Although I enjoy all of the benefits of getting older, the only thing I do not like are the wrinkles on my forehead. I've tried BOTOX and loved it, just not very cost effective, for me. So, yes, I would definitely take the pill!!

At 51 I have recently embraced the deep furrows in my brow. For the first time I've found the courage to ditch the bangs and end my constant battle with a hereditary cowlick. It's freeing and wonderful to let my hair flow naturally. Now I show off the "wrinkles" on my forehead. At this age, they seem appropriate and, frankly, my face just wouldn't look like "me" without them. So, no pills - and no bangs - for me!

Rosslyn Fanning10.02.2013

Heck yeah depending on what possible side effects might be involved. When I was 40 no, but now at 55 it just doesn't spring back around my mouth and eyes like it used to. When I think about a mini lift that will last longer I would rather take that route. Wish they had a pill for grey hair too!

JULIA 02.25.2013

NO! At age 41 I'm ha(for the most part) with how I look.

Rhonda 01.25.2013

I am thankful that at 48 I do not have any daily medication that I have to take. Three times a day would be a lot for me, I wasn't any good with the Pill hence the third child. I would have to say at this point...NO.


NO! My S/O calls me 9 of 12. If a medication has 12 side effects, I will get 9 of them.

Cindy 09.30.2012

No, no, no - no pills for me. I have a difficult enough time keeping up with my vitamins and bio-identical HR. More importantly, my exterior reflects my nutrition, spirituality and mental well being. Another foreign substance to "cure" what I see as inevitable, would be a waste of time, money and could potentially have long lasting, unintended consequences...

Sherri Rosen09.28.2012

No because every wrinkle and every line is a badge of experience and knowledge and a life that was lead and learned from. There is too much emphasis today placed on men and women looking younger and getting rid of wrinkles and people (men and women) have botox treatments and plastic surgeries that make them look like a deer in headlights.

Donna Adams09.24.2012

In regards to your question,I absolutely would never take a pill to reverse wrinkles. However unsightly they may be for others,I fully embrace them. Being 46 and still having people tell me how young I look is reason enough. Some may say its genetics. I however believe that as many smiles I give to each person I come in contact with no matter how my day is going, makes me think its all about how you see the world. So my saying is this.. Don't forget to smile,it may be a day CHANGER for some!

kim Eddy07.14.2012

If I had looked at this as a solution previously, I might have answered differently; but, at the age of 53 I have to say, "Hell no!" I was at an event, recently, where one of the guests was a beautiful woman in her late thirties and she had undergone several cosmetic procedures--the surgery itself was very good but the face did not jive with the inner being that also inhabited her body. Unnerved and confused, I felt I was being confronted by a discrepancy and could not focus on our conversation. This incident rewarded me with a sense of clarity that told me that I have come too far and acquired too much wisdom at this juncture, to sacrifice my interior self for my exterior self.

Colleen Mellor05.13.2012

Take a pill to reverse wrinkles? Hell, no. I've taken pills and treatments (the treatments du jour) over the years and I now know, at my prime age of 66: the price is often waaayyy more than the problem. So, ladies: Don't be too quick to leap.
But you can read about my problems in following doctors' advice and learning what To Do--also, by going to my blog at Biddy Bytes.

I don't think I would take a pill for wrinkles. Beauty comes from within and I would like to grow old gracefully. Age is but a number. And as long as you are in good health, and have family and friends you are blessed.

Leonie Waite04.25.2012

Will a take a pill that would remove wrinkles. ? Probally not. I want to grow beautiful like my mother. She never tried anything to remove what God gave her. I would age gracefully. And enjoy every minute of it. Smile America and love who you are.
Aging gracefully!

Maria Berttula02.29.2012

I don't believe I would take such a pill, beauty is within, my mother is the most beautiful woman in my eyes and she doesn't take a pill for her beautiful wrinkles, she is breath taking in her 60's.
Maria B Berttula CPRS

Sha Dev02.25.2012

No,wrinkles is just part of natures way of saying, " you have become a lot more wiser over the years". Just taking care of the wrinkles on the face and not the rest of the body is pretty much kidding ones ownself. We need to embrace change. It is part of growing up, isn't it?

i dont think so. i use to worry about every changing mark on my face and i come to realize that the changes in my face define who i am today and i do like what i see in the mirror.

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