Presidential Debate Gives Women the Vanna White Slot

A standout journalist is moderating the second debate—so why doesn’t she get to ask all the questions?

by Sally Kohn
Photograph: left: Romney; center: White; right: Obama

What do you think? Is it fair that Crowley was chosen to moderate the "town hall" debate where she can only ask follow-up questions? Tell us in the comment section below!

Sally Kohn is a writer, television pundit and communications consultant. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, Reuters, USA Today, Politico and Time.

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Mitt Romney photo courtesy of / spirit of America

Vanna White photo courtesy of / s_bukley

Barack Obama photo courtesy of Chip Somodevilla

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N Armock10.17.2012

Now that the town hall debate is over, I would have to say that Candy Crowley did a rather poor job of moderating the debate. One isn't chosen to moderate a presidential debate based upon race or sex but on professionalism, objectivity and experience. Candy failed on professionalism and objectivity during the debate. She decided that she should be the third person in this debate. The top discussion after the debate should be the candidates comments, not Candy's inappropriate and inaccurate input into the debate. I was embarrassed for her.

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