9 Movies Jesse James Should Have Watched Before Cheating on Sandra

And while he was at it, he should have invited Tiger and Tiki Barber over, too!
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Clive Owen stars as a married man who meets a sexy woman (Jennifer Aniston) on a train, then decides to start taking her to motels. This backfires when two men rob and rape Aniston’s character during one of her rendezvous with Mr. Married, and the criminals proceed to blackmail Owen’s sorry-ass character. Things get even more twisted (or twisty) by the end of the film. Buy it here

Indecent Proposal

Robert Redford plays a rich guy who pays Demi Moore’s newlywed character a million bucks to sleep with him. Her husband (Woody Harrelson) goes along with it…until he doesn’t. Reminds you that even agreed-upon infidelity has its dangerous downsides. Buy it here

The Last Kiss

This one is pretty gut-wrenching. Zach Braff has his way with a college girl, breaking the heart of his pregnant girlfriend-and all because he feels too settled, like there are no surprises left for him. Here’s a thought: Get over yourself. Buy it here

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

OK, this movie may not revolve around infidelity, but there’s just something about it that reminds one not to start an affair, emotional or otherwise, when you’re married to an American Sweetheart. Buy it here

Little Children

This is a sad story about two sad people who have a sad affair that doesn’t make their lives any happier in the end. Sad, really. Buy it here

Fatal Attraction

The bunny-in-boiling-water scene is a bit over the top (and we wouldn’t wish it on anyone), but variations of that sort of jilted-other-woman revenge are likely to happen when you cheat in such a scandalous manner. For example, your mistress might sell her story to a rag for $30,000. Buy it here


From the same director of Fatal Attraction (Adrian Lyne), this film’s a bit more sophisticated than the Douglas-Close classic, and the tables are turned: the woman (Diane Lane) cheats on her husband (Richard Gere). It’s so sexy that if Lane had tattoos, we’d recommend Jesse stay far away from it. Buy it here

Death Becomes Her

A pathetic husband (Bruce Willis) tries to kill his wife (Meryl Streep) to be with the other woman (Goldie Hawn). Little does he know, both of these ladies have taken a potion to look younger and live forever. Sucker! Buy it here

The Proposal

Again, not about infidelity, but Jesse would have benefited from a reminder of what a talented beauty he’d be losing if he decided to go on a cheating rampage. Then again, this movie was probably released long after the bomb had already dropped. So Jesse can just watch it now, and eat his heart out. Buy it here "FOR MOVIES THAT ARE A BIT MORE ROMANTIC, CLICK HERE.":http://www.more.com/2057/10962-25-best-romance-movies#1

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