10 New Ways to Spend Date Night

Use these sexy tips to spice things up this weekend and show the father of your children how much you appreciate him.

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Stay in bed

One of the perks of being a grown-up is breakfast in bed, but weekends are fraught with errands that leave little time for lounging. Set aside a weeknight and turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Cook together

Create a libido-boosting meal from the foods featured in our feed your libido slideshow. Leave the dishes in the sink while you reap the rewards.

Play a game

Dust of those board games sitting in the attic. Raise the stakes by playing for household chores (if he loses, he’s on dish duty for a whole month) or introduce a little R-rated striptease. Finish in last place and lose a piece of clothing.

Get crafty

Ah, the age old question. What’s better, chocolate or sex? Why not have both with the Lover’s Paintbox by Kama Sutra. Finger painting: it’s not just for kids.

Read to each other

Pick a story from Agent Provocateur’s "Secrets: A Collection of Erotic Fiction" and take turns reading aloud. Or, ask each other questions from "The Book of Questions: Love & Sex". Here’s a teaser: When was the last time you made love so spontaneously you couldn’t have predicted it 20 minutes before?

Write a love letter

Dust off that old stationary set. Spend a few minutes telling each other just how much they mean to you, the old fashion way.

Take a shower together

Sure, every woman covets the alone time she gets in the shower. For one night let your significant other in on the fun. Line the tub with candles for an extra-special ambiance.

Rent a sexy movie

Or watch a heart-racing show, like HBO’s True Blood. Not a fan of vampires? Substitute it with the first movie you ever watched together.

Give each other a massage

Kick off your shoes and have a couple’s spa night at home. Check your local bookstore for at-home massage tips. Don’t forget to use oils, like K-Y Touch Massage. Fragrance free and non-staining, it gently warms the skin.

Put on a (burlesque) show

Burlesque dancing is all about cheeky seduction; a wink here, a nod there. Step outside your comfort zone and have fun with it. Not sure how to start? Take a few pointers from the queen herself, Dita Von Teese, and pick up Burlesque and the Art of the Teese for inspiration. 


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