Cate Blanchett: Style Icon

Her stylish road to major movie star.
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SAG Awards, March 1999

Real style players take a simple, conservative shape and make it their own. Here, Blanchett’s basic ivory sheath is covered in a gossamer-thin overlay with romantic cap sleeves.
Photo by: Retna Ltd.

The Variety Heart Awards, July 2004

Fearless mix and matching pays off. A combination of denim, sequins and airy voile sounds bizarre, but works in practice.
Photo by: Retna Ltd.

Academy Awards, February 2005

And blondes don’t look good in yellow? The draping, the train, the crimson belt…an easy trick to try yourself), is spectacular.
Photo by: Retna Ltd.

Academy Awards, February 2007

Tailoring is key: Even a simple Grecian column is stunning when it fits the wearers body perfectly. You can do the same by taking your pieces into the tailor.
Photo by: Camera Press/Retna Ltd.

The Good German premiere, September 2007

Lessons in how not to channel Morticia Adams when you’re all done up in black: a scalloped neckline and spots of sexy see-through mesh keep the look from appearing too heavy.
Photo by: Camera Press/Retna Ltd.

Rome International Film Festival, October 2007

A vivid lime plume and daring decolletage are not for the fashion faint-of-heart. Both make this dress a perfect fit for Blanchett’s taste.
Photo by: Camera Press/Retna Ltd.

BFI Film Festival, October 2007

This simple and classic cut gets the Blanchett touch via fabric. Tweed with holographic sequins? Super chic.
Photo by: Solarpix/PR Photos

Elizabeth: The Golden Age premiere, October 2007

With a color this eye-catching, a simple gown works best. Plus, it takes major moxie to wear such a voluminous shape.
Photo by: GL/PR Photos

Berlin Film Festival, December 2007

Without quirky cuts and slashes, this art deco lace look might be too frumpy or boxy.
Photo by: Camera Press/Retna Ltd.

SAG Awards, January 2008

Blanchett is a pro when it comes to red carpet dressing while pregant. This simple cut is comfortable and flirts with a delicate floral print rarely seen on evening looks.
Photo by: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Benjamin Button premiere, December 2008

Pulling off this bell-shaped sparkler is a testament to Blanchett’s daring attitude and panache for dressing.
Photo by: David Gabber/PR Photos

Tony Awards, June 2010

Doubted the femininity of a pantsuit? Bold fabrics, plus skinny cuts, make it a welcome alternative to the gowns and dresses.
Photo by: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

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