11 Flattering Hairstyles

Whatever your 'dos deal is--flat hair, split ends, overgrown bangs, dull hair--one of these hairstyles will hide the damage
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Overgrown Bangs?

Sweep them to the side and lock them in place with a spritz of hairspray.

Limp Hair?

Add some waves with a wide-barrel curling iron and-ta-da!-instant volume, like Maria Bello, left.

Split Ends?

Tuck them into an updo-like Sarah Jessica Parker’s-and they’ll be out of sight. . .and almost out of mind.

Lackluster Locks?

Iron hair straight (smooth locks reflect light better than curls) and add a drop of shine serum for a mirror-finish à la Mary-Louise Parker.

An Unflattering Cut?

Backcomb hair at the roots and pull it back into a chic updo, like Heidi Klum’s.


A super straight style will only emphasize your hair’s fuzzy tendencies. Instead, make like Charlize Theron and work with your natural texture, not against it.

Greasy Locks?

Slick those strands back, as Eva LaRue does here, for a style that look sleek not slick.
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Fine, limp locks?

Add bangs, like Rosemarie DeWitt, which typically look best on smooth strands.
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Unwashed Hair?

Wear it up, like Catherine Zeta-Jones. Stylists say hair that’s NOT freshly shampooed is best for updos.
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Got Roots?

Try an uneven part, like Cindy Crawford’s, to camouflage the re-growth until you can hit the salon.

When All Else Fails...

Don a cool hat-like Julianne’s Moore’s chic fedora. It temporarily conceals virtually every hair flaw and always looks stylish. 

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First Published Thu, 2010-09-02 17:46

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