10 Funny Desk Accessories

Accessorize your desk with these funny accessories.
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A Butt-er Way to Organize

The green man has a magnetic butt you can stick paper clips to. There’s also space to keep your pens, pencils, and sticky notes in one place with this hilarious Butt Station. And that’s a dispenser for tape, not toilet paper. The Butt Station in red, blue, and orange, $18, urbanoutfitters.com=
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Color Inside the Lines

Try this pen that looks like a crayon whether you’re signing a contract or writing yourself a note. Remember the days of coloring books and Crayola crayons with names like Robin’s Egg Blue and Macaroni and Cheese? We do, too. Crayon Executive Pen, $12.99 (black) and $14.99 (red), thinkgeek.com
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Vocab Lessons

Gift your protégé or a family member new to the corporate world these entertaining and informative flashcards of essential office vocabulary. Corporate Slang Flashcards, $10 for 50 illustrated cards, uncommongoods.com
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Office Counselor

Dr. Freud acts as your fortune-telling magic eight ball. Take a quick break with your colleagues to ask Freud your silliest or your most self-indulgent questions. Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball, $7.99, officeplayground.com
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Think Big

Leave yourself-or someone else-important reminders on these extra large 12" square notes. Jumbo Stick-It Notes by DCI Décor, $9.99 for 80 notes, organize.com
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Sweet Calculations

Warning: This chocolate-scented calculator might lead to some serious cravings. Chocolate Scented Calculator, $6, dylanscandybar.com
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Daily Dose

"Take At Least One Mug By Mouth Every Day" as this cheeky prescription printed coffee cup suggests. For the coffee addict in your life (it’s okay if that’s you). Xenon Studios "Caffeiene" Prescription Small Mug, $15, cafepress.com
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Sticking Power

Ew, did someone actually put a chewed piece of gum on the memo board? Thankfully, no. These high-powered magnets only look like wads of gum. That piece of paper is not going anywhere. Stuck Up Magnets, $6.95 for four assorted magnets, paper-source.com
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Laugh 365 Days a Year

This box calendar for your desktop includes the best of the Shoebox comics to make you laugh each day. Sharing with your coworkers is encouraged. Laugh ‘til the Mascara Runs 2011 Daily Box Calendar, $13.99, freeshipcalendars.com
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Time Sensitive

Organize the piles of paper on your desk so the tasks you need to get done today don’t get lost in the clutter. Between Now, Tomorrow, This Week, and Someday, you’ll make it through your to-do list. Timing Task Clips, $9 for 12 clips, redstamp.com Related Stories: Desktop Distractions Home Office: Post-It Picks 10 Must-Have Home Office Products
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