Pro Picks: Miss Oops

Jennifer Higgins, beauty expert and Miss Oops founder, shares 8 things she can't live without
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Jennifer Higgins

Higgins’s big idea for the Miss Oops brand came while she was last-minute shopping for a black evening dress, and the gown she wanted had deodorant marks all over it. So the saleswoman took a piece of foam off a hanger and rubbed the mark away. Voilà! Miss Oops Rescue Sponge was born. Today the line includes more than 15 problem-solving products.
Miss Oops

OPI Nail Polish in Holy Pink Pagoda

"My favorite pedicure shade is OPI Nail Polish in Holy Pink Pagoda." $7; for stores

Miss Oops Block Your Locks

"Miss Oops Block Your Locks finishing spray with SPF 15 helps prevent color from fading between hair appointments." $15; click to purchase
Miss Oops

Frozen Margaritas

"A delicious frozen margarita is key to relaxing and laying low during my off-time."

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Passionfruit with SPF

"I can’t live without a lip balm with sunscreen; I always carry one in my bag!" $4; click to purchase

Miss Oops Butter Hands

"I always protect my hands from sun damage with Miss Oops Butter Hands. Packed with SPF 30, this product is a must-have. I use it in the car, while I garden … you name it!" $15; click to purchase
Miss Oops

Spending Time Poolside

"In the summer, I spend as much time as I can hanging out by the pool with my kids. I always pack a poolside bag with a book (‘The Help’ is my latest read), and my iPod (Bob Marley Legend is my most recent download). I also enjoy a cold ice cream cone at the snack bar with my kids."

Miss Oops Headshot

"Miss Oops Headshot is my newest formula packed with SPF 30. This is a fabulous moisturizing cream that helps protect the face, neck and chest. This product works as an instant complexion booster." $18; click to purchase
Miss Oops


"I relish sleeping in late whenever I get the chance"

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