Pro Picks: Feel-Good Femme

Lisa Price, founder of the spa line Carol’s Daughter, shares a few of her favorite things.
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Lisa Price

Twenty years ago, Lisa Price started creating homemade fragrances and beauty products in her kitchen. Her mother, Carol Price, whom she honors in the name of her company, told her to start selling her products at flea markets. They caught on immediately and now boast a cultlike following.
Carol's Daughter

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

"This is literally as crucial as water for me. I love this product and absolutely cannot go a day without using it. I created this 15 years ago, and it is the perfect lotion for defining my curls. It keeps my hair soft and manageable and allows me to wash and go and never have a bad hair day." $9; click to purchase
Carol's Daughter

The Back Room at Carol’s Daughter

"This is our hand-and-foot spa, which is my little slice of heaven in NYC. It is so comfortable, and the services are so over-the-top yummy, I can’t imagine life without this respite in the middle of my hectic life. From the fresh food in the services, like coconut milk and bits of chocolate, to the rose petals that float around my toes to the warm cup of chai tea that I sip during the service, it is the best part of my job and my life." Click for more information on the Back Room Hand and Foot Spa.
Haute off the Press


"They are my favorite flower and one of my favorite fragrance notes. Roses always make me smile. I love to touch them, wear them, look at them, smell them – and even eat them. There is a spread imported from India and made with rose petals and sugar that I put on toast. Divine!"


"TV gets such a bad rap, but I can’t imagine life without it. I do so much research on the television. It helps me get my exercises done every day, has helped me teach all my children the alphabet and how to count and provides me with entertainment at the end of the day to help me relax. My husband works in television, and some of my best years were when I was a writer’s assistant on The Cosby Show. My favorites to watch right now: Glee, Law and Order (all of them) and The Real Housewives of anywhere!"

YSL Touche Eclat Concealer in Light Peach

"I use the shade light peach, and this is one of the best concealers I have ever used. It provides me with the perfect coverage, and because of the peach undertones, it color corrects as well as conceals. Easy to apply and long lasting." $40; click to purchase

Carol’s Daughter Sage and Shea Foot Butter

"This is another gem from my kitchen. This product is laden with shea butter and essential oils that make your feet feel so good. It is my ‘ahhh’ product. When coupled with a foot massage from my husband, Gordon, it is the best at-home spa treatment ever! No one can massage my feet like Gordon." $11; click to purchase
Carol's Daughter

P90X Workout System

"I have been doing this for a while now and am still adjusting my life and schedule to get a workout done each and every day, but this has been the best system I have found for someone working out at home or on their own. The variety, the muscle confusion and the ability to do this by myself without a trainer have been amazing. I am getting stronger with each workout. It has been such a confidence builder to watch my stamina and strength increase as I move further along with the system." $120; click to purchase

Carol’s Daughter Bring in the Moisture Face Wash

"I love, love, love this face wash, and I am so happy that I make it! It is gentle and cleanses well without irritation. Because of the foam dispenser, it dispenses the perfect amount every single time, and a bottle really lasts. Love, love, love this!" $20; click to purchase
Carol's Daughter

DG2 Jeans by Diane Gilman on HSN

"These jeans are so comfortable and fit like a dream. You would think that you can’t order jeans from television, but you can. The cut is always perfect. The colors are always perfect. I love the Boot Cut and the Skinny. I can wear them on the plane and be totally comfortable." $50; click to purchase

My iPad

"Apple has done it again – made something I totally didn’t need and now can’t live without. It is my laptop, note taker, a place to create music playlists, a place to shop, my e-reader, my alarm clock, keeper of precious images of my children to have with me when I am on the road. My four-year-old and I love to play the Fairies Fly game from Disney." $499; click to purchase


"I think I am channeling my daughter, Becca, when it comes to glitter. She is obsessed with all that is pink and sparkly, and I have found that I am in love with glitter. But not being a four-year-old, I have to be careful as to how and when I use it. "I have taken to having manicures done with gel, and I get the glitter on the tips à la a French manicure. Sometimes the glitter is gold or platinum. Right now it is navy, and my ring fingers are all glitter in pale lavender with blue undertones. Love!"

The Florida Keys

"This is my favorite place to get away to. I feel like I am so far away when I am really not. It is peaceful being surrounded by water. The weather is always glorious when I am there, and the minute I arrive, I exhale and feel at peace. My favorite Keys are between Islamorada and Marathon."
The Lost Girls

My Family

"I love to be at home with my husband, our three children – Forrest, Ennis and Becca – and the cat, Stella. They are all funny, they keep me on my toes, keep me young and laughing, and they remind me of all that truly matters in life. "I love being Mommy and just being me. No makeup, no concealer, sometimes hair undone, and yet I am still the queen."
Lisa Price

Chanel No. 5

"This is on my list not because it is a scent I wear but because it is the scent that started my obsession and fascination with fragrance. My grandmother wore it when I was five years old, and I remember her wearing it to church on Sunday. I loved the way she smelled. "For me, I wear it in the form of their Satin Body Spray, and I blend it with Roses and Honey by Carol’s Daughter, available exclusively on But no matter what, that scent will forever be my icon for fragrance because the love affair began there." $95; click to purchase

My Kitchen

"I love to cook. I love to be in the kitchen and make meals for my family. It is not something I always have time to do, but when I get to do it, I relish in the experience. I don’t usually like to follow recipes. I like to go where the muse takes me. "From coconut to curry to honey to cinnamon to roses and back to coconut again, it is such a joy to be surrounded by great ingredients and great smells and make something delicious out of it all and then to have it to share." Click here to read Soul-Cycle star Sue Molnar’s Pro Picks.

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