Cougar Backlash: Mature Men We Love

Print, share, and enjoy these 20 pieces of grown-up eye candy.
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Clive Owen

He plays the bad boy all too well. (_Derailed_ comes to mind.) Must-watch movie: Children of Men.
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George Clooney

He still doesn’t wear a wedding ring…and we’re okay with that. Must-watch movie: From Dusk Till Dawn
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Dermot Mulroney

His winning smile captivated us in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Also worth watching: The Family Stone
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Denzel Washington

He has the strength and intensity of an unstoppable train. Must-watch movie: Training Day
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Brad Pitt

He ages backwards and we still want him. Must-watch movie: Seven
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Richard Gere

He went gray pretty early on, so in other words . . . silver fox. Must-watch movie: Pretty Woman (no brainer)
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Johnny Depp

He is The Sexiest Man In Eyeliner. Hands down. Must-watch movie: Edward Scissorhands
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Javier Bardem

He has a glimmer of mischief behind those eyes-and has something Penelope Cruz wants. Must-watch movie: No Country for Old Men
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Will Smith

He can carry an entire movie by himself-and a little show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Must-watch movie: Independence Day
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Daniel Day-Lewis

Fighting shirtless in The Last of the Mohicans really suited him well, don’t you think? Also worth watching: There Will Be Blood
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Edward Norton

He turned into the Hulk and started his own Fight Club, but he still seems like a nice guy off screen. Also worth watching: American History X
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Colin Firth

We can’t get enough of him in period pieces, and his British accent can make anything sound enticing. For example: The King’s Speech
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Tim Robbins

This actor is multi-faceted: He’s also a musician who plays with The Rogues Gallery Band, a country-blues outfit. Must-watch movie: Shawshank Redemption
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Matt Damon

He’s mature, but also has charming, boyish good looks. Must-watch movie: Good Will Hunting
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Ben Stiller

We love a guy who can make us laugh until it hurts to smile. Must-watch movie: There’s Something About Mary
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Chris Noth

What can we say? He’s Mr. Big. Now watch him in: The Good Wife
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Barack Obama

The President of the United States can certainly sport a power tie. Must-watch: the news
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Harrison Ford

We’d love to go with Indiana Jones on his next adventure…as long as we get to ride shotgun in the Jeep! Must-watch movie: Star Wars
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Hugh Jackman

Wolverine or not, this Aussie steals our heart. (His strong, manly arms do help a bit.) Must-watch movie: The Prestige
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Patrick Dempsey

Those piercing blue eyes make Dr. McDreamy absolutely irresistible. Must-watch movie: Can’t Buy Me Love (old school!) "STILL A FAN OF THE YOUNGER MEN? CLICK HERE FOR OUR SLIDESHOW OF COUGAR BAIT CELEBS.":
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