13 Ways to Get Better Brows at Home

Perfecting your arches can make you look better rested—and five years younger.
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Brow SOS

Over-plucked? You aren’t out of luck. The latest products fix everything from flat-lined arches to barely there brows.

TouchBack BrowMarker

This easy-to-use marker makes eyebrow touch-up a cinch. It covers grays while shaping the brow at the same time. $20; click to purchase


Boom Boom Push-Up Brow

Want a faux brow lift? This highlighter conceals small hairs (when you don’t have time to tweeze) and highlights the brow bone, adding lift and luminosity. $18; click to purchase

Boom Boom Brow Bar

Sephora Professional Brow Comb #11

Tame bushy brows with this brow and lash comb. $6; click to purchase


Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Taupe

A simple brow powder gives eyes a wide-awake, polished look. $4; click to purchase


Chella Luscious Light Brown Brow Color Kit

Darken and define brows with this brow color kit, which contains a brow color, highlighter, sharpener and brow gel. $45; click to purchase

Chella Brow

Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Brow Mousse

Different from a pencil or a powder, this waterproof mousse imparts an unbelievably smooth and natural look to brows that need a boost. $28; Click to purchase


Senna Powder Brow Color

Touch up your brows-and lids-fast with this convenient brow powder, which doubles as eyeshadow. $18; click to purchase


Smashbox Brow Tech Wax

This powder and wax trio is a must-have for ultrasparse brows. $25; click to purchase


Chella Brow Beauty Tools

Thanks to a collection of tweezers and scissors and a brow brush and comb, virtually every brow crisis can be averted. $40; click to purchase

Chella Brow

Anastasia After Tweeze Cream

Experiencing tweezing irritation? This green-tinted After Tweeze Cream uses chamomile extract to soothe skin and eliminate redness $20; Click to purchase


Tweezerman Pink Perfection Pointed Slant Tweezers

These tweezers are a favorite of professional makeup artists, thanks to the super precise tip, which grabs even the shortest strays. $25; Click to purchase


Boom Boom Brow-ssiere Brow Gel

For the minimalist: this clear brow-grooming gel is guaranteed not to flake. $10; Click to purchase

Boom Boom Brow

RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

This brow and lash-boosting serum promises growth within four to six weeks. $34; Click to purchase


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