Summer Style Refreshers

Update your warm-weather wardrobe with these clothes and accessories.

By Charla Krupp
Fashion expert Charla Krupp. (Photo: Michael Waring)

In high school I kept a chart of what I wore on what day to make sure I didn’t repeat an outfit. I doubt that was something every high schooler did, but New Trier on Chicago’s North Shore was fiercely competitive — fashion included. Wearing the same Villager sweater, matching kilt, and Capezio ballet flats within two weeks was an unwritten sin that neither my sister, Lora, nor I dared commit. One of the nice things about getting to be our age is that while you probably can’t remember whether you wore your favorite necklace the last time you saw your friend, she can’t either. And even if she could, it wouldn’t matter. What matters is that you always look fabulous and current, not simply passable. Fashion rules, much like people, change with age. These days I’m a big believer in wearing the best I have, even if I wear it a lot. Now my rule is "Buy less, buy better, and wear it more often." It’s preferable to have one pair of amazing white denim jeans — an easy summer uniform, worn with a tunic — than three that are just okay. (Besides, who can’t use more closet space?) Here are other points to keep in mind as you shop.For each season, pick a single color family and stick with it. That way you can mix and match; everything goes.Don’t save accessories or clothes for a special occasion. Later is now. Give yourself your best shot every single day.The older you get, the better your accessories should be. Elegant and sophisticated, not the trend du jour.Of course you’re not going to buy every piece I’m recommending here, but why not pick three to recharge your wardrobe?See Charla’s picks:Originally published in MORE magazine, May 2008.

First Published Mon, 2009-04-06 18:07

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