More Editors Reveal Their Favorite Grooming Moves

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From the MORE Beauty Editors
Photograph: Photo: Kim Cornelison

I use lip balm to tame unruly eyebrows.
—Ila Stanger, Managing Editor

Dabbing translucent powder under my bottom lashline keeps mascara and eyeliner from running or smudging there.
—Leah Melby, Editorial Assistant
Purpose cleanser—can’t live without it. The formula is very mild, I use it twice a day, and I go through it really quickly, so I love that costs just a few dollars.
—Jennifer Braunschweiger, Features Editor

Once a month, I slather my hair with a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment, then sit in the sauna at the gym  for fifteen minutes. It works as well as an in-salon deep conditioning treatment.
—Daisy Cajas, Associate Photo Editor
In the spring and summer, I break out the self tanner. It gives me an even complexion and makes my eyes stand out. If only I could wear it all year-round…but I fear looking like the female George Hamilton.
—Judy Coyne, Executive Editor

A series of yoga asanas ending with a shoulder stand makes my skin look fresher.
—Stephanie Von Hirshberg, Features Editor
Waterproof mascara on my lower lashes is my no-smudge  secret.
—Susan Swimmer, Contributing Fashion Editor

To save time when I’m applying liquid eyeliner, I use the cool shot button on my blow-dryer to speed up the drying process.  It saves me a good thirty seconds per eye, which means I spend less time wandering around my apartment with my eyes half-closed.
—Vivian St. George, Associate Production Editor
Reese Witherspoon always presses her tongue against her front teeth while she grins, so now I do it too. I don’t know why it works, but it helps me take a more flattering photo .
—Rebecca Adler, Assistant Editor

To give my hair body in the morning, I put it in a really high ponytail before I go to bed, then sleep with it that way.
—Natalie Gialluca, Assistant Photo Editor
I only tweeze my eyebrows after taking a hot shower. My pores are open then so it’s less painful.
—Susanne Bamberger, Assistant Art Director

To prevent mascara clumping, I wipe the wand on a tissue to remove excess goo before I sweep it over my lashes. —Genevieve Monsma, More Beauty Director

First Published Wed, 2009-04-22 13:03

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