S.O.S. for eyeshadow creasing

Eyeshadow creasing driving you crazy?

By Genevieve Monsma
Photograph: Photo courtesy of Alison Brod PR

Q. I switched from cream to powder eyeshadow recently to try to minimize creasing—to no avail. An hour after I apply my shadow, my lids still look all crepey. What can I do?

A. “Dry skin eats eye shadow, causing it to settle into and accentuate your creases,” says Jerrod Blandino, founder of Too Faced Cosmetics. Applying an eyelid primer will provide a slightly tacky surface that prevents shadows absorption and will keep color from sliding around. Smooth it over your entire lid, lashline to brow, let it dry for a minute, then sweep on shadow. Our primer pick: Laura Mercier Eye Basics ($24; lauramercier.com).

First Published Wed, 2009-04-29 15:10

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