This Is What 56 Looks Like

Fashion exec Sheri Poe talks about being calm – and single – at midlife

By Nikki Ostasiewski

On being the boss:
 "I’m no longer so controlling at work. I hire the right people, then let them do their job. You don’t build a successful company by yourself."

On skin care:
 "Before I could reach the bathroom sink, my grandmother taught me how to wash my face. She also told me to stay out of the sun, take off my makeup before bed and use moisturizer daily. I did all that, and then at 30, I got really serious. I began exfoliating every day and using Ayur-Medic Enrichment Cream with peptides ($65; 800-357-5280) at night."

On being single:
 "I’ve been divorced twice, and I am loving some time alone. I’m more at peace; before, I was often restless."

On carving out me time:
 "I’ve put myself first – finally. I stopped skipping yoga and began eating well, rather than grabbing junk food on hte go. As a result, I’ve never been in better shape."

As told to Nikki Ostasiewski        

First Published Wed, 2009-04-29 09:41

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