The bra strap bonanza

Tank top season is back – where are your bra straps at?

Karyn Polewaczyk, Guest Writer
Photograph: photo courtsey of Wacoal

We’ve all seen her before.  She’s sitting behind home plate at a baseball game on a warm June afternoon.  She’s the friend we meet for a lazy Sunday brunch.  She’s even, on occasion, the impeccably dressed lady at a garden party, with heels that match the clutch that match the earrings.  Or, perhaps she’s you, blissfully unaware of a fashion faux pas that can strike even the most well-informed and well-intentioned woman. 

What I’m talking about, of course, is the bra strap blunder that rolls into town about this time every year.  Women – especially those who live in northern parts and thus experience a limited span of seasonably good weather – rejoice at the sight of sunshine and sensation of a warm breeze on their shoulders.  As the sun comes out, out come the tank tops:  spaghetti strapped or halter backed, they’re the perfect vessels in which to deliver these feel-good summer vibes.  Unfortunately, tops and dresses that dare to bare are not so kind to the ever conventional bra, with straps, snaps and hooks obscenely poking out for public viewing. 

Perhaps the aversion to strapless bras stems from the strapless bras of yesteryear:  foam-filled, shapeless and unsupportive, these “brassieres” made better floatation devices than undergarments.  Fortunately, lingerie companies have shaped up and stand at the attention of our bodies (and pocketbooks), offering better fits, sizes and prices for wardrobes and budgets of every kind.  Today’s strapless bra is this season’s secret weapon, whether it’s a basic bandeau for those who need minimal support to underwire cups for the bountiful crowd.  And with a plethora of selections of these strapless styles available everywhere from specialty stores to big box discount retailers – and a tank top or two that begging to be worn – why wouldn’t you trade in for a sleek new model?

Summer is a time for freedom and fun.  That goes for your breasts, too.

First Published Thu, 2009-06-11 23:51

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