Can I Nap My Way Through Perimenopause?

Wondering when you’ll sleep through the night?

Andrea Metcalf, contributor MORE magazine Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness Expert
Photograph: john reilly

There are several changes one notices after the age of forty.  A new body shape appears in the mirror ( my personal view is that the body lacks protective estrogen and the womb feels abandoned so fat surrounds the space to protect and comfort it) you might notice a few hairs confused with their place to grow and have swings in appetite that are unexplainable.  I also noticed a few changes in the sheets— no, not while with a partner but when I am trying to get a good night’s rest.  Not even my sleep number bed seems to be able to allow me a solid 6 hours of sound, soulful renewal sleep.  Night sweats started for me in my late thirties, so I can’t say that I am not used to those ( a nice fan overhead has helped solve that problem ) but even my evening yoga poses don’t seem to do the trick.  Unfortunately, everyone suffers from my crabiness myself included.  The hormonal changes that occur with this sleepless in Chicago phenomenon aides the waistline crisis and unpredictable Swedish fish cravings.  Leptin and Gherlin change when restful sleep isn’t accomplished and help the body to burn anything but fat and support appetite enhancement.

For me, I am taking a catnap when possible to get in those extra needed rejuvenating minutes.  I’ll keep you posted as I find more answers.  Heading to my doctor in September.

First Published Wed, 2009-07-08 10:27

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