Wow! She Walked Off All That Weight?

More contributor Andrea Metcalf
Photograph: John Reilly

Be amazed by the story of Beverly Emershoff, who lost over 300 pounds by taking the first step outside her front door.  She walked the weight off with the help of professionals: doctors, trainers, and her support group.  Take a look at her journey and charted weight loss progress.  She utilized all the tools to be successful and help keep the weight off too. Key things to remember:

1) Set a goal
2) Get professional help from your doctor and a trainer
3) Use support groups to keep you motivated and share your story with them
4) Chart your progress.  It’s easier to believe in it and see it, if it’s written on paper.
5) Reward yourself along the way— Beverly used stickers! Yes! Stickers may seem silly but looking back at those 10 pound markers really made her smile and it was very inexpensive too!

Weight loss can be a challenge, but when you have all the right steps in place- It can be a bed of roses!

First Published Mon, 2009-08-10 09:14

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