2-Minute Beauty Chat with Halle Berry

Berry talks about her new, even sexier scent-and shares beauty secrets we’re trying tonight

Berry’s new scent, "Pure Orchid," a followup to last year’s blockbuster "Halle," hits store next month. Here, Berry shares why she thinks this scent’s even more sensual than the first, plus dishes on what (aside from spritzing on her fragrances) makes her feel sexy

Q. Your first scent, the eponymous "Halle" was an alluring, beachy scent. Yet you claim "Pure Orchid" is even hotter—how can that be?

Thanks to the addition of a rare orchid note, the newer scent is spicier and more exotic—two things I think people associate with sensuality.

Q. When you wake up in the morning, which of the two scents do you reach for?

I wear them both; it’s truly a mood thing. Both are very feminine—I’m not into androgynous fragrances. But in general I’d say "Halle" is more of a day fragrance, and "Pure Orchid" is more day-to-night. There’s a sexy, "dusky" earthiness to it.

Q. Speaking of sexy, how do you feel about your own sensuality at 43?

I’m a lot more comfortable with my sensuality now than I was in my 20s. And I’m learning new ways to express it. When I was younger, I didn’t even really know what being sexy meant.

Q. What isn’t sexy on a woman in her 40s?

Trying to be something you’re not.

Q. Do you have any beauty rituals that make you feel sexy?

Wearing a clay face mask is always a turn on—when Gabriel comes home and I have one on, he’s like “Aaah!” [laughs] But, in all seriousness, I am very diligent about my skincare regimen. I always wash my face at day’s end and apply all my serums. I’m also careful about not too much alcohol—I allow myself maybe a couple of glasses of red wine a week. And absolutely no drugs.

Q. What do you like most about aging?

Well, these days I’m older than most people I meet. [laughs] And I now feel like I can say whatever I want. I had this fear in my 20s of coming off as a bumbling idiot. But now I’m more comfortable with myself and feel far more confident in expressing my opinions.

First Published Wed, 2010-01-13 13:03

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