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Too many words, too little time.

by Antonia van der Meer • Guest Writer { View Profile }

I read too much. It’s not my fault. Words are everywhere. They pop up on my computer. On my iPhone. On my Facebook wall. On Twitter. In the taxi. On (yes, here, too!)
I wish I could make the information overload stop. It’s starting to cause problems. For example, I just read a back issue of a newsletter and discovered that I had missed National Peanut Month in March. All those days of legume celebration…gone! Naturally I tweeted about it @hereswhatiate so that others would know that they had missed it too. Then I noticed a pop-up ad saying pumpkin seeds could improve my mood. Great news, given that I was kind of down about missing the Peanut Celebration. But then I got depressed because it’s nowhere near Halloween, and the chance of my encountering pumpkin seeds was seriously diminished. Unfortunately, the chance of rain showers was not, according to, which got me to worrying about the leak in my roof. No time to dwell on that, however, because I saw an online recipe for broccoli soup and ran to make it… only to realize halfway through that I was out of broccoli, which really didn’t bode well for culinary success.
Sometimes it’s better to just remain blissfully unaware, to close oneself off and turn away from the deluge of information. In fact, I recommend that you stop reading this blog right now! Don’t….read….another…word! Stop it! It can only lead to trouble. (You can’t stop. Can you?”) 

First Published Mon, 2010-04-19 20:51

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