Top 10 Reasons It's Better to Text than Phone

Don’t call us, we’ll text you.

by Antonia van der Meer • Guest Writer { View Profile }
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Every once in a while, my phone rings and frankly I am shocked. It just doesn’t happen that much anymore. No, it’s not because I’m unpopular (well, at least that’s what I’m telling myself). It’s because the phone call itself is unpopular. Texting isn’t just faster. It’s better. Here are the top ten reasons why:
1. You don’t have to muster the energy to say, “mm hmm…” every two seconds.
2. No one knows that you’re chewing on a handful of Raisinets.
3. You don’t have to remove the ear buds that are now permanently attached to your head.
4. You don’t ending up talking for a solid three minutes only to realize that due to a “dropped call” the other person hasn’t been there for the last two.
5. When someone asks you a hard question, you can ignore it for a while.
6.  You never again have to hear someone say. “No, that’s ok. I was awake.”
7. Text messages don’t arrive to the tune of “Losing My Religion.”
8. Text messages aren’t recorded for “quality assurance.”
9. You don’t have to run for a text message…only to find out that whoever it was hung up before you got there.
10. The text message is always for you, so you don’t have to shout for someone else who can’t hear you anyway because his ear buds are permanently attached to his head.

First Published Wed, 2010-05-26 18:03

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