Donate Your Bras!

"Support" a cause!

Photograph: Photo courtesy of Soma Intimates

When prepping for a charity drive, we tend to lump everything in the same giveaway pile, be it old toys, dusty holiday decorations or "vintage" bags and baubles. One thing that rarely passes our give-away or throw-away test? Bras

Soma Intimates is launching a nationwide donation campaign with textile repurposing group The Bra Recyclers to change our thinking. The campaign, kicking off July 15th and ending July 28th, will collect new and gently used bras at over 100 Soma locations to give to local women’s shelters and breast cancer support groups. As a sign of their gratitude, Soma Intimates will donate over 1,000 new bras to Dress for Success.

"A bra is one of the least donated, but most needed items for the homeless and victims of domestic violence," said Soma Intimates Brand President Laurie Van Brunt. "It makes a big difference to women who have to make the choice between putting food on the table and buying a bra." 

Don’t let small tears or snags stop you from bringing yours in. The Bra Recyclers pledge to recycle any unwearable bras to ensure none are thrown away. 

Got support that no longer fits? Give it to someone who could really use it. Find out more info here. 

First Published Wed, 2010-07-14 13:10

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