Help! My Battery's Dying!

I’ll do anything to recharge.

by Antonia van der Meer • Guest Writer { View Profile }
Photograph: Photo by iStock.

In the upper right-hand corner of my screen sits a small rectangular battery icon sporting a menacing red line. Like the idiot light on a car’s dashboard, it always causes a momentary panicked reaction in my stomach. My battery is dying! I am about to be disconnected! Bumped off the internet Unable to text.Out of gas. I have 0:17 minutes left to write this post. The clock is ticking. Horrors! Only 6% battery life left.
I need a fix…a little electrical power. And I’m not too proud to say I don’t care where my next surge is coming from. I have asked bartenders to plug me in behind the counter. I have sat on dirty airport floors, using outlets clearly intended only for nighttime vacuum-cleaner crews. I have begged a couple minutes’ juice off a weary phone-store manager. And I recently siphoned off a little energy from a plug near the members-only desk in the Museum of Modern Art (where I am not a member).
Like a desperate junkie, I have  “shared” jacks with other users, connecting to a stranger’s computer for a quick boost. So maybe I’m risking a computer virus. So what? When you’re down that low, you just don’t care. And I have been that low. I have entered the “reserve battery power” zone more times than I can count. I have hit rock bottom: 0% battery and automatic shut off.
So you can be honest with me, a fellow addict. Where have you plugged in? What lengths have you gone to? And if you have a charger, where can I find you? 

First Published Fri, 2010-08-13 09:33

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