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Jean Chatzky
Jean Chatzky, MORE's financial columnist
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Investments that Will Bring You Joy

Trick Yourself into Saving Money

Death and Taxes

Make Even More Money

Create a DIY Pension

The Keep - Your - Cash Divorce

Gifts with Strings Attached

Traveling Overseas? Profit from the Exchange Rate

Shopping Abroad: Where to Go and What to Buy

Interest Rates Are Going Up, Now What?

Survive Life’s Financial Emergencies

Yes, You Can Still Retire

The Empty Nesters’ Guide to Spending

Find $10,000 in Your Closet

Could You Be Putting Your Money At Risk Online?

Double Your Returns At No Risk

How To Afford Your Next Chapter

Spend Now to Save Money Later

The Best Money System for Couples

7 Money Lies (and 3 Truths) for the New Economy

Cut Your Fixed Expenses

Need Extra Cash? Try These Moonlighting Tips

When Your Parents and Your Kids Need Help

Who Can You Trust With Your Money

How to Survive the Meltdown

Should You Rebalance Your Portfolio?

You Can Survive This Crummy Economy

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