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By the MORE.com Editors

Save the Animals
I applaud Juliette Watt in “Call of the Wild” for upending her life and moving to help animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. I am currently volunteering at a local animal shelter in Los Angeles, and I can tell you that animals are hurting in every shelter in every city in America.
Because of the financial crisis, all shelters are filled to capacity with lonely, frightened and abandoned animals. Since the shelters are deluged, the shelter staff value and depend on volunteers to help care for the animals. I have been gathering old blankets, towels and bedding from friends and neighbors to bring to the dogs, so they can be a little warmer in this cold weather.
Anyone who cares about and loves animals can make a big difference by volunteering at their local shelters.
Dr. Melissa Klaskin

The Great Health Care Debate
I found Janice Hopkins Tanne’s article “Health Reformer In Chief,” on Kathleen Sebelius a biased one and not what I expect from MORE. According to Ms. Tanne, the opponents of the health reform act are all wearing red horns and want women and children to die slow and painful deaths. Why else would they oppose this fabulous bill? Clearly this is not the case. I am not going to delineate the valid reasons why this bill is not good for the country, as my points would not be “frightening and untrue claims,” as Ms. Tanne references.
Ms. Tanne included her own opinion regarding the health care debate in the article, which is not what a true journalist does. Shame on her, and shame on you for printing a biased article. I look forward to seeing a well-balanced article regarding this debate.
Beth McKinley
La Jolla, CA
This Is Why We Rock…

I just wanted to say I love your magazine. I am 39, and when I began reading my mother’s copy of MORE so frequently, she got me a subscription. Whomever picks the cover ladies rocks and has great taste! As a suggestion, Nancy Travis, Elizabeth Shue and Mary Stuart Masterson are also hot and talented.
Savannah, GA

The Balancing Act

While Wendy Kopp’s devotion to the public school system is admirable in “Class Warfare,” her lack of devotion to the family system is not. A healthy family depends on parents who are connected, involved, accessible and present to their children and not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.
As the mother of three boys who has tried to balance a career, motherhood and marriage, I know a family deeply suffers when a mother is consumed by her work, as Kopp apparently is.
Kopp admits that she and her husband each travel 90 days per year. She jokes that her husband supports her work schedule, and she says the “kids will be best off if I’m not home…No! If I’m fulfilled!” While it may be fulfilling for Kopp to slay the world’s dragons and pay herself $300,000 to do so, her four young children need her. She has chosen motherhood, so that should be her first vocation and responsibility, whether she finds it fulfilling or not.
Perhaps someone should ask Kopp’s children how fulfilling their relationship with their mother is?
Christa Chavez
Rossmoor, CA

A Real MORE Woman

Thank you for your magazine! I look forward to reading about women who are defined by their accomplishments, rather than only as wives and mothers.
My 90-year-old mother also anticipates my copies of MORE. She is a good example of a real MORE woman. She left the Idaho Japanese concentration camp in the 1940s to continue her college education in Texas. Then, she went on to medical school to become a doctor at a time when women were encouraged to stay at home, and anti-Japanese sentiments were at an all time high.
So not surprisingly, my mother appreciates reading your magazine, which profiles women like her who have overcome the odds against success.
Geraldine Shu

A Challenge to Democracy

Thank you for the more balanced education article “Class Warfare.” Our public schools are far from failing or broken—they are the last vestige of true democracy in our country.
Carpet baggers and union busters are attacking our schools for material gain. Charter schools, Teachscape and perhaps Teach For Amercia are all for profit, even though technically classified as non-profit.
The real problem facing democracy is the ignorance and arrogance of the private school product, which includes George Bush, President Obama, Bloomberg, Cathie Black, etc. But of course, the media can never attack the sacred cow of private education.

Julia and Avis: Beyond Email
I enjoyed your article “Mastering the Art of Friendship,” immensely. The letters shared between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto were charming and reminded me that not all communication needs to be via email or text. A letter can truly convey feelings and inspire a lifelong friendship.
Today is a fast-paced world, which doesn’t usually allow us to grow a friendship in a slow and loving way. Thanks so much for the reminder. I’m inspired to now pull out a pen and a beautiful piece of stationery to write a friend.
Susan Kashack
Penngrove, CA
Helping the Enemy?
I have subscribed to your magazine since the beginning, and I love it. The small article [in More Now] “Pakistan Women Need Your Help” did give me pause. I don’t think there is a crazy misunderstanding about Islam or Muslims. However, I do think Americans are tired of other countries constantly demanding money from us, especially ones that are a viable threat. I made a conscious vow that no more of my money goes to what I consider the enemy or to people who live here and spit on my flag, while enjoying many freebies from my tax money.
I didn’t always feel this way, but the times have changed me. The more I talk with folks, the more I know this to be a common feeling. Americans are tired of the anti-American sentiment and the constant demand for more from us.
Less Noise, More Action
There’s no question that Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer made a lot of noise this year and were featured in your 2nd Annual Noisemaker Awards, but is that really the best criteria that MORE could come up with to highlight the achievement of women this year?
From my perspective, you are celebrating, at the very least, a liar (death panels), plus a quitter and a cynic. Brewer is a member of the very party that is responsible for the inaction on the issue of immigration at the federal level. Where I come from, liars, quitters and cynics are to be scorned, not celebrated. 
Virginia Priest
Brooklyn, NY

Midlife Moms Need Love, Too

I have been a fan and subscriber to MORE for many years. I enjoy the unique and up-to-date information I receive from your publication. I do however, wish there was more to read about older women having young children.
Although I am 46, when I was 40, I finally got married and had my first and only child nine days shy of 42. My husband is now 54, and we have a whole set of issues that none of the other mothers and dads have with young children. I joined a local parent group a few years ago hoping to connect with some other older moms, but did not find anyone. I was so lost that I approached the parent group about starting a subgroup of my own, and they loved the idea! 
I have now organized a group called Midlife Moms, which meets every few months for a social night to talk about what it’s like to raise young kids in our 40s. Please consider highlighting this new group of older moms. I know there are celebrities as well as everyday common moms like me, that would benefit from reading about their lives.
Wendy Segal
The Power of Friendship
“Mastering the Art of Friendship” mirrors the precious friendship I share with my friend and soul mate. People are often confounded at this type of relationship, one that can be very sensual and romantic. Our society does not fathom or tolerate such close, spiritual, sensual and loyal relationships between people of the same sex. This is a sad commentary on today’s American culture.
I, for one, was delighted that MORE featured a relationship that grew between two women in such a powerful, romantic and enduring way.
Christina Coulon
Dublin, OH
Sugarcoating Palin
I was shocked and offended by your decision to include Sarah Palin in your 2nd Annual Noisemaker Awards. You managed to sugarcoat her decision to leave her governor position 18 months early by stating it was for “sexier pursuits.” Leaving an elected position where people had worked extremely hard to get her elected was a slap in the face to those who were loyal to her and voted for her. Do you think we are ignorant enough to believe she didn’t do this for her own personal gain?
This a woman who is incredibly disrespectful to the President of the United States and everyone who disagrees with her. A recent poll showed her to be an extremely divisive political figure. You gave recognition to her as a mama bear and to mama grizzlies and papa bears, whose platform includes denying women’s reproductive rights and fair pay. This also includes the premise that women should stay home and take care of the husband and kids.
In addition, she lied about the death panels in order to defeat health reform, which gives help to women and children. This is beyond offensive to the very women who purchase and read your magazine. Her stance on the environment and animal rights is dismal. Regarding her reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” really? Since when does Alaska belong to Palin, especially since she spends very little time there?
For her to call running for president as “giving it a shot,” or running “if nobody else does,” in such a cavalier way, speaks volumes to her insensitivity and disregard for this very important office. She also says she doesn’t need a title, but in reality, she’s making lots of money promoting herself, her books and her family. Does she really deserve an award for that?
Sherry Lee
Greenback, TN


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