10 Must-See Cougar Movies

Older women with younger men-on the big screen!

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White Palace (1990)

With Susan Sarandon as the leading lady and a tagline like "The story of a younger man and a bolder woman," how could this film-about a 27-year-old middle class widower who falls for a 40-something waitress-not be the perfect rainy day fantasy flick? Buy it.

American Pie (1999)

It’s not a grownup’s movie by a long shot. But this randy-teens romp was the first film to bring the term MILF (mother I’d like to %*$#) into the mainstream. And who could deny the chemistry between Stifler’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge) and her son’s "sophisticated" friend, Finch. Buy it

The Graduate (1967)

The MILF of all cougar movies, this classic immortalized Dustin Hoffman, Simon and Garfunkel-and Anne Bancroft’s sexy, stockinged leg. Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. Buy it

Tadpole (2002)

Oscar, a wise-beyond-his-years baby-face (a cougar-movie must, it seems) is in love with his stepmother, Eve (Sigourney Weaver). When his attempts at wooing her fail, the Voltaire-reading prodigal son finds comfort in the arms of Eve’s friend, Diane (Bebe Neuwirth). Things get complicated. Buy it

Risky Business (1983)

This movie catapulted Tom Cruise into fame and warned bored wealthy schoolboys worldwide: Beware the cougar dens you enter! Buy it

Class (1983)

Put two boys from opposite sides of the tracks together at prep school and what happens? The rich guy (named Skip-oh, the 80s) pressures the poor guy to lose his virginity; the country bumpkin does the deed-only to find out the much older woman (Jacqueline Bisset) was his suave roommate’s mom. Woops! Buy it

Harold and Maude (1971)

It’s dark, it’s depressing, it’s funny. Harold, a death-faking, morbid 20-something, meets septuagenarian Maude at a funeral service (he’s there for sport). They develop a friendship that leads to love, loss . . . and more bizarre behavior. Buy it

Lovely and Amazing (2001)

The story centers around Jane (Catherine Keener), her three daughters and the extreme insecurities that have crippled their family. Each of them seek approval and reassurance throughout the film, leading to a sub-plot that involves Jane and her teenage coworker, Jordan (Jake Gyllenaal). Buy it

Moonstruck (1987)

Cher plays a Brooklyn widow about to remarry to a man she doesn’t really love-until she meets said fiancé‘s younger, angrier, sexier brother, Ronny (Nicolas Cage), and rediscovers passion. Buy it

Summer of ’42 (1971)

Based on the memoirs of screenwriter Herman Raucher, this drama takes place on Nantucket Island and centers around a boy in his early teens, who falls for an older woman whose husband was sent overseas to fight in World War II. Buy it WANT TO SEE 32 YOUNGER MEN WE LOVE? CLICK HERE FOR COUGAR BAIT

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