Buy a New Bra! Change Your Life!

Judith Steinhart

 One of the sexiest things you can do to revive your mojo is to get a new bra, fitted just for you. Bravo for a new bra! It will change your look and will change your life.


Oh, fine, we can go to any of the discount stores, TJ MAXX, Marshalls, or even Victoria Secret to buy new bras. But the secret for getting a new bra is the fit. Once you are properly measured and settled into a beautiful, new, well-fitted bra, your life and your self image will never be the same.


It seems that 98% of women wear the wrong size bra. (I would imagine that 98% of women also wear the wrong size shoes, pants, tops…. you get the idea). But the impact of wearing a bra that’s ill fitting is that our “girls” and shoulder sag, and we appear at least ten years older. Furthermore, our shirts, tops, sweaters, and dresses just aren’t as flattering.


Most women buy bras loose around the chest and too small in the cup, so that their cups literally runneth over. Thank goodness for English or European sizes. They have tighter bras and deeper cups. When a woman’s “girls” fit into deeper cups, we get definition, straighter posture, and a power surge. 


Some shops or department stores have seasoned fitters who can accurately identify your size a mile away. Others shops have fitters with good intentions and a slim selection of bras for tiny sizes, and no selection for more well-endowed women.  I ran into one of these shops recently, ok, so I was in a hurry.  While the bra fits well, the fabric and the color appear orthopedic suffering from overgrowth, too much fabric and too little cleavage. How sensual is that?


Few places have reasonably prices bras, with a large, so to speak, size and style selection of beautiful bras, with lace, colors, subtle shades, soft textures, with deep cups. Those shops are worth finding. Often these shops, as with the shops of old, will keep track of your size and your previous purchases, so that they get to know your styles and preferences. 


You deserve to find bras that are as beautiful as you are, and that fit the lovely you, as well. Even if no one sees it but you!


Try it, and let us know more!

First Published Mon, 2009-10-19 14:52

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