Born-Again Bellies: Five Success Stories

Learn how these five women lost inches in their waists.

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Cindy Finch, age 51

Glendale, Restaurant owner and YMCA member-services rep


What made the difference?: One-on-one diet counseling


ATE: 1,500 calories daily


IN 6 Months LOST: 11 inches in lower abs 3 inches in the waist 23 lbs

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Craig

Wendi Goldman, age 47

Van Nuys, Personal organizer and interior designer for children with special sensory needs


What made the difference?: De-stressing with five days a week of exercise


ADDED: 3 daily meals


IN 1 year LOST: 6 inches from waist 37 lbs


BOUGHT (AND WORE): 1 white bikini bought

Photo Courtesy of Ori Chen Zion

Karen Flakes, age 50

Canyon country, Elementary school teacher


What made the difference?: Eating more calories every day


ADDED: 2 daily snacks 500 more calories a day


IN Three Years LOST: 2 pant sizes

Photo Courtesy of Karen Flakes

Roberta Ricks, age 57

Granada Hills, Systems analyst


What made the difference?: Becoming a dancer again


ADDED: 3 dance workouts a week


IN 1 year LOST: 4 pant sizes 38 pounds

Photo Courtesy of Roberta Ricks

Mimi Fleischman, age 60

Los Angeles, Exercise studio owner


What made the difference?: Taking, then teaching, classes


ADDED: 6 days of exercise a week


IN 8 weeks LOST: 4 inches from waist


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Photo Courtesy of Mimi Fleischman

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