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Lizzie & Lauren Kessler

This mother-daughter duo offers a unique perspective on what it’s like to be the parent of a teenage girl. Mom Lauren, whose blog and book share the same name (My Teenage Werewolf) writes with Lizzie about sex, love, mean girls and more. 



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Jennifer Weiner

Weiner’s blog clues readers in to her latest career developments, including the progress of her sitcom,“The Great State of Georgia.” Our favorite post: the one where she gets word that the show has been green-lit. 



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Suzanne Carreiero


Carreiro, an avid foodie and author of The Dog Who Ate the Truffle, posts tons of photos and videos to accompany her cuisine-focused blog. You’re bound to leave this site inspired—and hungry.



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The journalist and author of The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter communes with her followers on news and pop culture. We like her posts on Gen Y’s knack for technology as well as what happened on the latest episode of Glee. She also offers writing tips for aspiring authors.



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Lalami started blogging nine years ago—before web diaries were de rigueur. Her posts cover a range of topics, including the significance of media today, the poetry of Agha Shahid Ali and the advancement of technology.



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Margaret Atwood

The queen of dystopian literature chronicles her travels to places like Japan and Newfoundland. She also discusses her opinions on issues like the Ground Zero mosque, the benefits of being literate and saving prison farms—in both words and pictures.



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Frances Mayes

The author of Under the Tuscan Sunshares her continued Mediterranean adventures, inspiring jealousy— and the urge to purchase a plane ticket to Italy pronto.



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Emily Giffin

Author of chick-lit favorite Something Borrowed, Giffin blogs about friends, family, and book tours.



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Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist author’s bilingual blog has a huge following—over a million people visited it in October. He posts story excerpts, his favorite tunes (like a video from The Sound of Music), and characters—both fictional, like Dumbledore, and real, like German philosopher Immanuel Kant—of the week.



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Jane Green

Green reveals her adventures and misadventures with family, friends and in the kitchen, while comically referring to her children as Twin A and Twin B.



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T.M. Shine

This author turned a layoff into a hilarious novel. Getting the ax continues to provide material for his newspaper columns, which Shine shares on his blog along with hilarious love/hate lists. Even better, he invites readers to share their own stories of unemployment.



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Meg Cabot

The author of The Princess Diaries shares her vivacious personality, sense of humor and entertaining photos. Cabot recently posted photos of awesome Halloween costumes, highlights from the Texas Book Festival and tips on "how to fight the suckage" (aka when life isn’t going your way). And be sure to keep up with her journey as she writes an entire novel in one month for National Novel Writing Month.



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