Keep a lid on it

Keep a lid on it when taking your workouts outdoors.

With seasons changing and the temperature dropping, you may want to avoid workouts outdoors.  But, if you love your walks or runs, getting the right gear is a must.  For example,  as the days get shorter and the sun sets around 4:30 in Chicago, it’s a good idea to be “lit up and reflective” while exercising in the dark. I came across a hat with a blinking light on the back and reflective clothing. Although, I was familiar with Brooks as a specialty running shoe, I was unaware of their nightlife line of clothing. From gloves to wind resistant vests, jackets, gloves and pants, this line of clothing is fashionable and functional. Remember, to layer your clothing with a base, then fleece, then wind resistant pieces while in 30-60 degree weather.  You should limit your outside exercise time when the temperature drops below 32 degrees! The biggest concern for exercising in the cold is hypothermia, or too much heat loss. According to the American Council on Exercise, almost 50% of heat loss comes from your head!~ hence, wearing a hat is important while exercising outside.  Remember five key tips when you take your workouts outdoors:
1) Safety first— be sure you have proper footwear or add treads when running or walking in ice or slush as well as light colors or reflective fabrics when exercising outdoors in the late evening or early morning.
2) Layer your upper body – Start with base fabrics like silk then fleece then wind resistance technical fibers. Most gear for the upper body is ipod friendly.
3) Layer your lower body – Same as upper body but keep in mind your movement.  Pants that are lose are easier to run or walk in.
4) Head, hands, fingers and toes – Remember that each of these areas are more prone to hypothermia and need to be correctly covered.  Cotton socks will stretch and may cause blistering.  Try moisture wicking fabrics even for your feet.
5) Hydrate to stay heated.  It’s just as important as in the summer months, to stay hydrated during your workouts.  Bring along water on your workouts— try stainless steel containers to eliminate harmful toxins from plastics when possible.

First Published Mon, 2009-09-28 10:57

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