Jennifer Aniston Through the Years

As Jennifer Aniston’s career has evolved, so has her style.

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Bold Shoulder

Jennifer Aniston has been capturing our style imaginations for more than two decades. What’s her secret? Great grooming and a certain California casual chic.
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Ah, To Be Young

But in the beginning, Aniston looked like every other recent grad. Things would soon change…
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Don’t let the hat fool you: At this moment in time Aniston was defined by one thing, and one thing only: The "Rachel hair."
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Long and Wavy

Aniston, eager to explore different looks, sometimes wore her mane long and tousled.
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Exotic Beauty

This 1999 red carpet look garnered Aniston a lot of attention. The actress, a long time lover of basic black, looked goddess-like in this bronze beaded gown.
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Sultry Chic

Sleek and sophisticated in 2001 for her appearance at the People’s Choice Awards, this look would become an Aniston trademark.
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The Good Girl

A vision in pale perfection, Aniston’s tone physique provided the wow factor when she worked the red carpet at the 2002 Emmy Awards.
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Time to Shine

By 2003, Aniston was rocketing to super-stardom. Her look? Not-so-basic black.
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Chic Separates

When Aniston promoted her film "Along Came Polly" in 2003, she proved that understated separates can trump a ballgown any day of the week.
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Lovely Dove

The column silhouette is a look Aniston loves. This one, worn in 2004 for the Emmy Awards, was subtle but spectacular.
photo by Lee Roth / RothStock / PR Photos

Power Suit

By 2009 Aniston had established herself as one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, and she dressed the part in a sleek, sexy suit.



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