Celebrating the Holidays Solo

Ladies, raise a glass to being single and fabulous.
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Buy Yourself a Christmas Gift

Just because you don’t have a significant other to buy you a killer Christmas gift doesn’t mean you should miss out on that big, fuzzy robe you had your eye on. Name that one thing you’re asking for this season and purchase it for yourself! It’s not being selfish. It’s a way of showing yourself you deserve it.
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Learn to Ski

You don’t need to worry about impressing anyone. With instructor guided ski lessons you can join a group of beginners and learn how to snow plow and stop-the keys to confronting (and surviving) the slopes. Skied before? Take a weekend and book a room at a nearby lodge where you can take a mini vacation, just you and the mountains.
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Pamper Yourself

There’s nothing better than spending a snowy Sunday at the spa. Treat yourself to a hot rocks massage- it warms the body and stimulates the flow of oxygen and other nutrients that help it detoxify and heal. You’ll leave feeling fresh and relaxed.
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Try a Walk-In Workout Class

Winter often makes fitting in a work out a challenge. The walk to the gym or the prospect of running outside may seem like the last thing on your to-do list, but sometimes taking a trial class can add extra incentive to exercise. Try a ballet class to work on core strength or attend a bikram yoga class. You’ll sweat out so many toxins your body will thank you.
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Cook Something New

Find a new recipe, something you’ve never prepared, and tackle it. The process of buying the ingredients, and making an unfamiliar dish from scratch will leave you feeling accomplished and anxious to share! Bring a platter to your next-door neighbor and you’ll spend less on holiday gifting. Plus, they’ll be impressed by your talent in the kitchen.
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Be a Secret Santa

Fun holiday gift exchanges are not just for kids. Get a group of your girlfriends together and draw names out of a hat. Put a cap on the amount you’ll all spend and some thought into what that person may really enjoy receiving. Book a night you can all get together again for the unveiling, and this time bring appetizers and wine to share!
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Volunteer Your Time

Soup kitchens and the Salvation Army are just two organizations that are in need of extra hands during the holiday season. Help out by volunteering for a few hours a week and you’ll feel good you’re helping others and not yourself. By helping with holiday gift-wrapping or bringing presents to families in need on Christmas morning, you will be able to greater appreciate the spirit of the season.
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Cold weather forces us indoors which may not be so bad after all. Forgo common distractions, curl up with a favorite author, and get wrapped up in the storyline. Consider some festive books to get you spirited away, such as Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol or The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans. *Next: Great Reads: December 2010/January 2011*
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