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Tim Gunn, best known as the style Godfather on Project Runway, has worked with MORE readers to solve fashion conundrums.  We love all of Gunn’s great advice but here are his tips on how NOT to look old.

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Tim Gunn

Along with his Runway gig, Gunn is also the chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne and the author of two books. His latest incarnation? He’s partnering with Weight Watchers to give style advice to clients who are in the process of sizing down.

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Rule #1

Get out of a rut. You have to keep updating your look. If you’re still wearing big, boxy blazers, you’re aging yourself. Try a shrunken, cropped version.


NY Collection 3/4 sleeve jacket, $58;

Rule #2

Mix and match. Wear your clothes in different ways at different times in order to keep your look fresh.


J.Crew long sequin skirt, $2,500;

Rule #3

Be mindful of hemlines. Too long and you’ll look dowdy, too short and you’ll look silly. The ideal length that’s most flattering on the majority of women is at or just below the knee cap.


Ann Taylor ponte pencil skirt, $78;

Rule #4

Be playful. Try prints, bursts of color or interesting necklines.


Akris blouse, $795;

Rule #5

Be comfortable, but not TOO comfortable. There’s no reason to wear big, baggy clothes or anything that resembles sweat pants.


Gap perfect khaki pants, $50;

Rule #6

Get the hem right. A modern look for pants is longer than it used to be. Your hem should create a “break” on your shoe, not skim the top of it.


Cynthia Steffe wool wide-leg pants, $195;

Rule #7

Try night for day. Little touches of embellishment and sheen look very on-trend when worn during the day. You may not want to do these pieces in sheer fabrics, but anything else will look great.


LOFT sequin striped tee, $40;

Rule #8

Stay “untucked.” Today, when wearing jeans or any other casual attire, shirts and blouses are left hanging out.


Calvin Klein Jeans shirt, $70;

Rule #9

Define your waist. No matter your size, a defined waist instantly pulls a look together, making it look more polished, and hence, more youthful.


Talbots satin puff-sleeve shirt, $90;

Rule #10

Update your jeans. There is simply no reason to wear the dreaded “mom jeans” and if you do you’ll look 15 years older than you actually are.


Gap 1969 straight jeans, $60;

Rule #11

Change your jewelry and accessories from day to day. Great style is often made or lost with accessories, and a very of-the-moment way to enjoy fashion. One, big statement piece is always a fashion show stopper.


Daniella Kallmeyer necklace, $395;

Rule #12

Size down your bag. Only old ladies carry everything around in a big canvas tote. Get yourself something small and chic, and if you need to carry extra stuff on occasion, use an additional black or brown tote to do the carrying.


Brahmin Didi shoulder bag, $275;


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