Stars Whose Style Has Improved

No matter how it looks, Hollywood darlings weren't born with impeccable taste. Be it maturing, sitting front row at fashion shows or a trusty (and well paid) stylist, these ladies' styles have definitely gotten better. Good-bye belly-baring tops and ill-fitting everything, hello sleek screen goddess. 

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Angelina Jolie: BAD

Remember bad-girl Angelina? Pre-adoptions, humanitarian work and, ahem, Brad, she was into goth garb and lots of leather.

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Angelina Jolie: GOOD

Love to hate her or hate to love her, there’s no denying Jolie’s style has improved leaps and bounds. She’s found a style that works for her—simple shapes and colors—and sticks with it.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: BAD

Perhaps Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ style was affected by all the years around zany men (with questionable taste) onSeinfeld. It must’ve been tough being the only girl!

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: GOOD

Give the girl her own starring role (The New Adventures of Old Christine) and she’s golden. Embracing an ultra feminine hourglass shape and sexy sheer, the look is flawless.

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Ellen DeGeneres: BAD

Not every woman’s cut out for a ball gown, but Ellen’s attempt at suiting leaves much to be desired here. Wrinkled and far from fitted, the whole thing is uncomfortable.

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Ellen DeGeneres: GOOD

Similar to other stylish stars, Ellen’s found a formula that works for her: straight-legged pants and menswear-inspired button-downs and blazers.

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Sandra Bullock: BAD

Before all the accolades that came her way, perhaps Sandra Bullock just couldn’t afford a stylist. A loose peasant top does nothing for her figure and the fit and rinse of her jeans is not photog-ready.

Photo by: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Sandra Bullock: GOOD

Sandy glowed during her moment, accepting praise and an Oscar while winning over the fashion critics. This champagne shade works well with her coloring and the classic, sensuous shape is a home-run.

Photo by: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

Sherri Shepherd: BAD

All we can say: “What. Was. She. Thinking.”

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Sherri Shepherd: GOOD

Working with a tricky body type like Sherri’s is tough, but she’s nailed it here (we thank like-figured Oprah.) The wrap style is universally flattering and keeps her bust from overpowering everything else.

Photo by: Jakes Van Der Watt/PR Photos

Jenny McCarthy: BAD

May we present proof that just because you’ve got the body doesn’tmean everything looks good on. Besides Jenny’s revealing top, the skinny scarf and odd chiffon swag feel out of place.

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Jenny McCarthy: GOOD

The simple cut of this dress is classy, even while letting the star show off her fab figure. The sleek bob and subtle makeup only add to the sophisticated feel.

Photo by: Jay Kravetz/PR Photos

Kathy Griffin: BAD

No matter your shape, size or style, channeling Morticia at any red carpet event (save for a Halloween bash) isnot recommended.

Photo by: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

Kathy Griffin: GOOD

The My Life on the D-List star has closer to A-list style chops. The simple column is flattering and the neckline and golden yellow hue work well (even with her signature red hair.)

Photo by: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

Victoria Beckham: BAD

In her earlier years, Victoria Beckham picked looks that were revealing and too cheap-looking to befit her trophy wife status. Done in sequins and white satin, the corset look is more trashy than sexy.

Photo by: Lee Roth/PR Photos

Victoria Beckham: GOOD

More recently, the fashion plate’s style has fallen into place, sitting front row at fashion shows, befriending celebrity designers and even designing her own highly praised line.

Photo by: Erik Kabik/Retna Digital

Drew Barrymore: BAD

The former child star had a lot of growing up to do, including developing her own style sense. Here, the knit scarf and hat clash with the mid-length denim cut-offs.

Photo by: Chris Ashford/Camera Press Digital

Drew Barrymore: GOOD

Barrymore’s done especially well wearing trendy, youthful pieces while still acting her age. The unexpected twist of periwinkle leather with a khaki army jacket is daring and chic!

Photo by: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Jennifer Lopez: BAD

Even at a kids’ award show, J.Lo should have steered clear of the immature pigtails, capris and belly-baring shirt.

Photo by: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Jennifer Lopez: GOOD

Lopez’s style has gone from loungewear to lady-like. Now, the mogul is more likely to be seen in well put-together and sophisticated pencil skirts and shift dresses (still perfect for flaunting her famous figure.)

Photo by: PRN/PR Photos

Queen Latifah: BAD

It doesn’t matter what her shirt says—there’s nothing fashion about this inappropriate mix of jeans, tee and sweatshirt.

Photo by: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

Queen Latifah: GOOD


We love Queen Latifah’s ability to transition from gown to suited separates for big ticket events. She glows in this perfectly tailored ecru pantsuit.
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