Heart-healthy Half-Marathon Training: Week 1


In this new blog, Florida lawyer Nadia Jones, a survivor of congestive heart failure, details her progress in training for the More/Fitness Half-Marathon. This week:  Nadia talks about her goals.


By Nadia Jones • Go Red for Women Blogger

It’s that time of year when folks are making New Year Resolutions and writing lists on how to become better people, thinner people, and all that good stuff.   Three years ago, my resolution was to get back into the gym and start exercising again.  It had been almost seven years since I had a regular workout routine.  My motivation for exercising wasn’t simply to lose weight, but it was to have a strong healthy, heart.   I had a health scare that prompted this new resolution.  In late 2004, I suffered from postpartum congestive heart failure after the birth of my second child. As a CHF survivor, my cardiologists stressed the importance of making important, and permanent, lifestyle changes for the benefit of my now, weakened heart.  I was told a strong heart came with eating right, reducing stress levels, and doing plenty of cardiovascular exercise.

After another pregnancy, bed-rest, and c-section, I finally had the chance to sign up for a gym membership in January of 2008.  The New Year was going to be my chance at getting fit again, devoting a few hours a week to my health, and finding some sort of work-life balance as I eased my way into a new job with three small children.  In a perfect world, my new “get fit” goal included me running a full or half marathon.  I had several friends who had run marathons before and I always wanted to do one.  For me, a marathon symbolized the epitome of being “in shape.” If you could run 26.2 miles, there was nothing else you couldn’t do.  Right? 

Three years later, I am proud to say that I have maintained a regular workout schedule, however, I never did run a marathon.  Each year when it was time to sign up, I didn’t.  I would push it off another year.  All wasn’t lost since I have seen significant improvements in my physical and mental health.  I went from always being sick (I caught any bug that my kids had, and at a much worse level) to hardly ever sick.   I felt much more confident about my body, myself, and enjoyed the feeling of having one hour devoted to me and no one else, doing something I wanted to do, not had to do.   During summer vacations home with the kids (all day, every day), the gym was a source of refuge where I could drop the kids off to the Kid Zone while I did a leisure or aggressive cardio exercise, took a yoga class, or maybe Zumba.  Whatever I felt up to that day.   (Seriously, nothing better than the Kid Zone after being cooped up all day due to a hot summer storm.)

So here I am, it’s 2011 and not only have I again considered running a marathon, but this time I have committed myself to doing it!  I will be running the More.com half marathon (that’s 13.1 miles!!!)  in New York City on April 3, 2011!! I am so proud of myself just for making the commitment. I don’t care how long it takes me to run it, whether I have to walk and run it, who cares!  I’m finally doing it.  And with the help of More.com, I have a fabulous training coach who has already started helping with my training.  Better yet, l’ll be blogging about my training once a week  and with the help of all of you, hope to not just complete it, but plan to run all 13.1.  WOOT!

As my training schedule picks up, I know I’ll need all of your help to keep me encouraged and motivated.  So stay tuned while I'm on this journey.  In fact, let’s do this together! You can post any comments at the end of this blog.

Nadia Jones is recovering lawyer, mother of three, blogger at Mamalaw.com, co-founder of Blogaliciousweekend.com and a Go Red For Women Supporter.

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First Published Thu, 2011-02-10 16:47

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