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November 12, 2010


As with most fancy eye creams and any dessert that’s described with words like “molten” and “chocolate,” when it comes to trends I’m of the opinion that a little bit goes a long way. To wit, the last season’s exaggerated shoulders and boyfriend jean craze, which I loved for a nanosecond and then realized it was over before I even got on board (other than Gwyneth Paltrow, who else wore that stuff with any degree of success?).

Now that we’re knee deep into fall, new trends are aplenty and the one I have my eye on is the military look. Not the military trend of a few years back (ruffled shirts topped with jackets that seemed to come from the Sergeant Pepper collection), but something more chic, less glitz and more rugged. You know the thing I’m talking about—it started with a few cargo pants last year, and by late spring it had evolved to include brass-buttoned jackets and lots of khaki-colored knits. This fall the combat-like boots started arriving. Yes, my friends, it’s been a slow but steady trend offensive.

What’s NOW is what’s new—the look is all about urban utility: heavy doses of army green, durable fabrics like canvas and shearling, tons of hardware (buckles and buttons), and those totally great boots are full on (ankle straps and rugged soled, but high-heeled, natch). The style is perfect for transitional dressing—an extra layer over long sleeves and paper-thin knits, but before you lose yourself in a puffer jacket. How to wear it? Mix it in sparingly: Top a floral dress with a cropped khaki jacket, wear lace-up ankle boots with skinny jeans, try loden green cargo pants with a white button down shirt and ballet flats.

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