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By: Susan Swimmer
Photograph: Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

November 24, 2010


Recently I was cleaning out my closet (meant to do it last spring, the traditional time for such a clean, but never quite got around to it). What did I find? A whole lot of pretty, billowy blouses. I used to wear them all the time, not so much as a fashion statement but more so much as a way to conceal my jiggly tummy from all the ups and downs of pregnancies (and possibly a few too many donuts).

I’m now happily back to my slimmer self, but the thought of wearing tops that will conceal the waistline I worked so hard to retrieve is maddening. That’s when I tried topping one of said tops with, stay with me here, a vest. Not the sweater variety (if you own a sweater vest, part with it immediately), but a men’s style one that looks like it once belonged to a three-piece suit. Only smaller, and more fitted (i.e. made for a woman).

The resulting style epiphany was that the vest was the perfect way to control the volume of the blouse. I know, I KNOW. Naturally, the minute I vested up I started noticing vests everywhere. Look for them, as they are most definitely having a fashion moment this season. How best to wear them? Well you’re welcome to steal my billowy blouse trick (psst: let the blouse peak out of the bottom of the vest), but they also look perfectly chic over everything, including long sleeve t-shirts, thin crew neck sweaters, even dresses.

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