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By: Susan Swimmer
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Are you, by any chance, stuck in a cold snap. I am, big time. It being January in New York it’s no great surprise, but still, looking cute is a challenge, because as chic as outerwear can be (hello puffer coats!), I’m struggling to find new ways to accessorize. Sure, sure, I’m loving my new infinity scarf, but day in and day out a girl needs a little variety. Out of sheer desperation I started digging through my bin of winter woolens to see what was there. What’d I find?

A charcoal gray, chunky, cashmere knit beret. So chic! So warm! So good at covering up a bad hair day!  And just like that, my fit of desperation melted like the mounds of snow on every street corner, and in its place ANOTHER great epiphany emerged (please refer to my recent vest epiphany).

Here’s what I think: Hats are the unsung heroines of accessories. Winter is the right time to try a toasty topper, whether culled from your own forgotten drawers or purchased anew (small expenditure, big payoff—an recession-friendly spend I can endorse). I beg you to try the look. I love my beret, but a fedora in a shrunken, feminized size would look great in black or brown, and a newsboy cap in tweed or a soft-hued plaid would also look terrif, and by all means, steer clear of anything big and bright: too young, too cheap, too silly, major wind hazard, which nobody needs).

Go! Buy! Be Chic!

First Published Thu, 2011-02-17 15:34

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