Free Thinker Susana Martinez

Susana Martinez is New Mexico’s first woman—and the nation’s first Latina—governor. The Republican’s hard stand on immigration has prompted some critics to claim she sold out her Mexican roots. We asked:

By Viviana Hurtado
Photograph: Susana Martinez for Governor

Your position on immigration reform doesn’t fit in a box. You emphasize border security but have spoken out against Arizona’s controversial bill. A secure border is the most important thing we need before we can have any kind of comprehensive reform. We have people coming from all over the world with fake documents; it’s not just about the Mexican population.


What message do you think your historic election sends?I talked about the issues that mattered to people, no matter who they are: Hispanic, non-Hispanic, older, younger, male or female. But I know I’m paving the path for young girls. While I was on the campaign trail, I met a six-year-old called Susanna [with two n’s] Martinez. She had posters of me in her room. I want her to know that regardless of your background, anything is possible, the American dream is alive, and we are all equals.


Your name has been floated as a candidate for vice president in 2012, but why stop there? Will you run for president?No. [Laughs] I haven’t even served my term yet! I was elected to serve the people of New Mexico and solve my state’s problems. That’s what I intend to do.

First Published Thu, 2011-03-10 16:51

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