Celebrities with Unique Style

The glare of the spotlight doesn't scare these stars into yawn-worthy red carpet gowns. We applaud their aplomb and daring when it comes to dressing.

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Helena Bonham Carter

Carter’s delicate beauty and elegance make her a natural for period dramas, including her Oscar-nominated role in The King’s Speech. But off-screen, the actress’ tastes are wilder—perhaps in response to the zany aesthetic of her director-love, Tim Burton.

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen's got the body to carry it off: Mix ‘n match prints and yards of fabric. That eccentric style has also paid off: The rockin’ mom has carved another successful career moonlighting as a fashion designer for her label, L.A.M.B.

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Stevie Nicks

Years after Fleetwood Mac broke all album sales records, Stevie Nicks is still picking flowy, dreamy tops and bottoms. A free spirit can't be contained by anything as transient as trends.

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If you think this gold lamé number is a bit over-the-top, don't even waste time Googling the swan dress she sported at the 2001 Oscars.

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Lady Gaga

Unique, envelope-pushing fashion has been the pop star's calling card since bursting onto the music landscape. Every event results in another head-scratching ensemble—even, at the recent VMAs, an outfit made entirely of raw meat.

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Katy Perry

Perry pushes fashion so far forward, it’s on another planet. Even this seemingly simple gown holds a wacky secret: Those electric-colored stripes are actually LED tubes, sewn into Katy's dress.

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Joan Jett

Badass rocker  Jett proves that once you've found a signature style, you stick with it. Sure, leather and midriff-baring tops might be more appropriate in your early 20s, but if you still have the body, you might as well rock it.

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In the beginning was Cher, and all other daring dressers simply followed. No need for the star to turn back time—she’s still got it!

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Debbie Harry

Forever the blonde bombshell, Harry also remains true to her personal style. We love that she skips constricted, tight outfits for the stage, choosing comfy clothes with major accessory wattage.

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Dita von Teese

Burlesque star von Teese gets nearly as much credit for wearing her clothes as she does for taking them off. The sexpot prefers classic pin-up styles wherever she goes, and triumphs with a curvy, womanly body.



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