Cougar Women and Why Men Love Them

Who could resist a confident, intelligent, ageless beauty?

by Linda Franklin • Guest Writer { View Profile }
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When I tell people about The Real Cougar Woman the first thing they ask me is why are younger men attracted to older women? What is it about the age difference that’s such a turn on? When you stop to think about it it’s not so hard to figure out. Ageless beauties are far more likely to be financially independent, secure. They know what they want and just have that alluring je ne sais quoi that is hard to resist.

Two more things that make Real Cougars hard to resist is how they feel about having children, and how they feel about game playing. Real Cougars most likely have already had children or are childless by choice.  So if a man doesn’t want kids—and many do not—it’s a relief not to be pressured by a woman ruled not her biological clock. And, when it comes to game playing, Real Cougars take a pass. Experience has taught her they don’t work; she is most comfortable telling it like it is.   

Here are a few dating facts from a recent survey about cougars that you might find interesting.

 * More than 90% of cougars are looking for a serious relationship—a myth-busting finding which shows that cougar women aren’t all just looking for casual fun.

 * On a date, most cougar women either let the younger man pay for dinner or insist on splitting the check—who says cougar women are all sugar mamas?

 * 45% of cougars have dated more than five younger men. It’s not just an experiment—dating younger men is often a lifestyle choice.

 * Emotional baggage is what most turn cougars off dating men their own age, so older guys need to lighten up to compete.

A relationship with a younger man has its challenges. But honestly, what relationship doesn’t? If you are fed up with your dating choices, give the younger guys a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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