11 Men We Would Go Mrs. Robinson For

There are young guys who bring out the mother in all of us. And then there's these guys. 

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Taylor Kitsch

This Canadian, a onetime pro-hockey hopeful, hit the big time on Friday Night Lights as the epitome of the good-hearted bad boy we worshipped in high school -- and still do. This month he’s in a movie called (seriously) The Bang Bang Club. We can’t wait to pay our dues. 

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Jesse Eisenberg

We know he’s not the real 27-year-old Facebook billionaire. What was our first clue? That unlike most computer geniuses, Eisenberg manages to locate the “hot” in html. 

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Robert Pattinson

Seeing this actor for the first time reminds us of discovering Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise. You just think: Who is that delicious guy? And how can I see more of him? (Next sighting: this month’s Water for Elephants.)

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Dev Patel

He’s the only guy on this list to be cast (in Slumdog Millionaire) because the director decided the original lead was too good-looking. Never mind. Patel’s appeal is that he made his awkward, determined character beautiful. 

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Hunter Parrish

He may look young enough to play Mary-Louise Parker’s son on Weeds, but he’s old enough to be, well, her much younger brother. Smokin’.

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Shia LaBeouf

When he debuted at 16 in the sleeper hit Holes, we wanted to mother him. Now this hippie-bred child has grown way up, showing his brainy side in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and his brawn in the Transformers movies. 

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Justin Timberlake

He’s got the voice, the moves and, yeah, the pecs. But JT really brought our sexy back by being secure enough to parody himself getting dragged across town in that hilarious Pepsi commercial.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This child TV star took a break from acting, went to Columbia University and reinvented his career by working in quality films like (500) Days of Summer and Inception. That’s growing up in the most appealing possible way.

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Penn Badgley

If he’s good enough for sometime girlfriend and Gossip Girl costar Blake Lively -- recently voted the world’s hottest woman -- then he’s good enough for us. 

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Michael B. Jordan

Everybody rooted for him as a doomed teenage drug dealer on The Wire, but Friday Night Lights did Jordan one better, giving him the spotlight as a boy fighting to become a man. And we’d be happy to help. 

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Prince Harry

Who cares if his older brother, the future king, is officially taken? With his better hair and bigger grin, Harry looks as if he’d be a lot more fun on a rainy weekend at Balmoral.



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