Hot Flesh: The New No-Sweat Bra

We test-drive a new bra that claims to keep you cool

By Linda Yellin
Amoena Mia bra, $74; for stores
Photograph: Jens Mortensen

For More, I recently tried a new bra that claims to reduce perspiration. At first, I was nervous—would it work? Already I was sweating. I ran it through several challenges. Some low tech: layering on a fleece jacket while jogging at the gym. Some stressful: navigating a business party packed with strangers. Some spontaneous: 10 million hot flashes. The verdict? Two cups up. The material really does pull heat from the body and absorb per-spiration. The bra is lacy and pretty, perky and comfortable. Good for first dates, job interviews and all those other times you want to look hot without getting hot.

First Published Tue, 2011-04-26 12:54

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